Power Consumption & Industries
Ferrous Metallurgy

For the ferrous metallurgy industry, Hopewind provides stable and excellent solutions for power utilization and energy conservation, to reduce the cost of electricity for enterprises, purify the grid, and then improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Its solutions have been successfully applied to various scenarios, such as main rolling, auxiliary drive and torque output.

Ease of maintenance

Direct connection in parallel of multiple power units, with easy power expansion and good maintainability

High efficiency and energy conservation

Over 5% of energy saved compared with the DC drive system  

Safety and reliability

Good compatibility and stability of the system and ability to detect and diagnose in real-time, to ensure the safe and continuous operation of the system

Excellent technologies

Adoption of four-quadrant technology, multi-axis composite control technology, multi-motor synchronization and load balance control technology, etc., with excellent performance

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