Utility PV Solutions

The Hopewind 1500V string inverter is designed as a solution specifically for complex mountain photovoltaic power station projects. With its multi-channel MPPT design, it effectively reduces module mismatch and increases system power generation. Intelligent operation and maintenance, along with higher capacity ratio, contribute to lowering LCOE.

Economically Friendly
  • Supports PLC communication to reduce communication cable and construction costs

  • Supports aluminum wire connection, saving AC cable costs

  • Fully compatible with 182/210 modules, higher capacity ratio, reducing LCOE

  • Intelligent fan cooling for lower temperature rise and longer lifespan

  • IP66 protection level for the entire unit, strong environmental adaptability

  • AC and DC lightning protection module for comprehensive lightning protection

  • Multi-channel MPPT design to reduce module mismatch

  • >99% maximum efficiency

  • Integrated PID repair to improve system power generation


  • Dual AC and DC power supply, 24-hour real-time monitoring

  • High and low voltage ride-through capability, strong adaptability to SCR weak grids

  • High-precision string detection and I-V curve scanning for accurate fault identification

System Schematic Diagram
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