ESHV 250kW string power converter system
Performance characteristics
Reliabe & Safety
• IP66 protection class
• Tailored anti-corrosion solutions for reliability
• No derating at 45 ℃, 3000m altitude
High Efficiency
• Max. efficiency of 99%
• Pure and stable sine wave output
• Power factor ranges from -1 to 1
Grid Friendly
• Coordinated control for grid friendly and load friendly
• Grid-forming technology, grid support as the core feature
• Complete communication method, support RS485, Ethernet, CAN
Modular Design
• High maintainability, reduced MTTR
• Single battery rack management, avoid single point of failure
• Compatible with a mix of new and old batteries, extending the system's lifetime
main parameters
Power186 kW200 kW215 kW250 kW
DC Input
Voltage Range1000  1500 V
Max. DC Current205 A220 A237 A275 A
AC Output
Rated Output Power186 kW200 kW215 kW250 kW
Max. Output Power205 kW220 kW237 kW275 kW
Reactive Power Range0  186 kVar0  200 kVar0  215 kVar0  275 kVar
AC Connection3P + PE
On-grid Parameters
Rated Grid Voltage690 V
Operating Grid Voltage587  759 V
Rated Grid Frequency50 Hz
Operating Grid Frequency45  55 Hz
THDI< 3% (at rated power)
Power Factor-1 to +1
Charge Discharge Conversion Time< 20 ms
Off-grid Parameters
Rrated Output Voltage690 V
Voltage Imbalance< 2%, momentarily not exceeding 4%
THDU< 3% (no-load or rated resistive load)
Dynamic Voltage Transient Range< 10% (during resistive load / balanced load, when the load experiences a sudden change
from 20% to 100% or from 100% to 20%)
Output Overvoltage Protection ValueSettable
Output Undervoltage Protection ValueSettable
Max. Efficiency99%
General Parameters
Dimensions (W × H × D)795 × 915 × 293.5 mm (without hanger)
Weight 100 kg
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Operating Temperature Range-40  +60 ℃ (> 45  power derating)
Operating Relative Humidity Range0  100%
Operating Altitude< 5000 m (> 3000 m derating)
Noise Emission75 dB
Isolation MethodTransformerless
DI / DO Interface4/2
Anti-corrosionC3 (C4 / C5 optional)
Surge ProtectionDC type II / AC type II
Cooling SystemSmart air cooling
CommunicationCAN, Ethernet, RS485, Wi-Fi + APP
Communication ProtocolModbus TCP / Modbus RTU / IEC61850 / IEC104
Grid TypeIT