Power Consumption & Industries
Light Industrial Machinery

With excellent electrical drive technology and equipment, Hopewind provides mature and stable solutions for the light industrial machinery industry, to realize the localization substitution of key equipment and accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry in the era of Industry 4.0. They have been successfully applied in various industries, such as textiles, lifting, printing, traditional manufacturing, etc.

Excellent control performance

Excellent master-slave control function, with accurate flux observation and speed estimation model

High usability

Built-in brake units possible for the whole series, book design, and seamless side-by-side installation supported

Good universality

V/F, open-loop vector, closed-loop vector control and asynchronous, permanent magnet synchronous, electric excitation synchronous and other motor drive control supported

High durability

3M3 mechanical vibration level and built-in dynamic junction temperature model, with short circuit, shoot-through and other protection technologies

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