Power Consumption & Industries
Large Experimental Platforms

Hopewind provides an independent, mature and reliable solution for large experimental platforms, which has been widely applied in various experimental platforms. With international mainstream high-end devices and topology technology, the solution is more advanced in technology and more reliable in performance, which is also the general development orientation of the drive system.

High reliability

Protection grade above IP54 for the whole machine, with super environmental adaptability

High performance

Modular hardware and engineering software design, enabling it to have the drive capability in various complex working conditions and support single-machine drive and multi-machine drive

High Capacity

51MVA of the maximum single-machine power, with a maximum of 3 parallel machines supported

Independent R & D

Adoption of independent technologies such as IGCT fault prediction + bridge arm shoot-through protection, high and low voltage ride-through, and torsional vibration suppression control, with product innovation and better energy-saving effect

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HD8000 Series (seven-level)
10kV/single machine 15MVA~51MVA, maximum supporting 3 parallel machines
HD8000 Series (five-level)
6.6kV/single machine 10MVA~34MVA, maximum supporting 3 parallel machines
HD8000 Series (tri-level)
3.3kV/single machine 5MVA~17MVA, maximum supporting 3 parallel machines