What control modes does your SVG support?

Hopewind SVG supports local control mode, remote control mode, dispatching system control mode, and so on.

How about the environmental adaptability of your SVG?

At present, Hopewind SVG is widely applied in different environments at home and abroad, including various extreme environments, such as cold environments in Northeast China, high-altitude applications, offshore wind power projects (heavy salt fog), hot and humid areas and deserts, etc. But it can perform well in various environments, with stable operation and a low failure rate.

How about the frequency adaptability of your SVG?

Hopewind SVG has a wider frequency operation range than the national standard requirements, which can operate normally within the frequency range of 45Hz - 55Hz and adapt to frequency fluctuations under various extreme conditions.

How about the adaptability of your SVG to the mains supply voltage imbalance?

Hopewind SVG has the adaptation and correction technology to cope with the grid supply voltage imbalance. For example, it can treat the working conditions of grid balance caused by active power and reactive power in the grid differently, calculate and output the ratio of SVG positive sequence component, negative sequence component and zero sequence component, and realize the stable operation of SVG and maintain the continuity of SVG reactive current output under the condition of ensuring the balanced and reliable operation of busbar, and correct the grid to the range required by the national standard within the allowable capacity range. 

What are the compensation modes of your SVG product?

Hopewind SVG has multiple compensation modes, supporting many compensation modes, such as reactive power setting, constant voltage, constant reactive power and constant power factor, and so on. Therefore, it can meet the compensation requirements in different scenarios.

          It has different functions of protection, such as DC overvoltage protection, power electronic component damage detection protection, pulse loss protection, trigger exception protection, overvoltage breakdown protection, under-voltage protection of grid supply voltage, overvoltage protection of grid supply voltage, output overcurrent protection of SVG system, output overload protection of SVG system, phase loss protection of grid supply input, SVG controller fault protection and charging timeout fault protection and so on.

What protection does your SVG have?

Our SVG system has three layers of protection, namely, device-level protection, power-module-unit-level protection and system-level protection.

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