Hydrogen Energy

In the off-grid hydrogen production scenario, the power comes from wind power generation/PV power generation/energy storage system, etc. In this scenario, due to a lack of large grid support and big volatility in the microgrid, the hydrogen production power supply is required to operate at a wider range of voltage and frequency fluctuations. Hopewind EMS coordinated control of renewable energy, energy storage and hydrogen production, enables efficient system response, coordinated output of active and reactive power, fast regulation of the energy storage system, and suppression of volatility in new energy power generation, ensures safe and efficient hydrogen production. Off-grid systems can be classified into AC coupling system, and DC coupling system.

High reliability

Good grid adaptability, not afraid of the volatility of new energy generation

Strong environmental adaptability, can operate at -40 ° C and 4000 m altitude

Fast response speed, adapt to the rapid fluctuation of new energy power generation

Grid friendliness

Low harmonic content (< 3%) does not cause power quality problems

High power factor (≥0.99), reactive power compensation function

With high and low voltage crossing function

Weak power grid has strong adaptability and supports low short-circuit ratio system operation

Modular design

High power density, small footprint

Convenient and efficient maintenance

Good parallel performance, easy system expansion

Support photovoltaic DC coupling direct hydrogen production

Intelligent hydrogen production

Hydrogen production intelligent management system EMS

Achieve energy balance of off-grid hydrogen production system

Improve the energy utilization rate of the system and ensure the safety of hydrogen production

System Schematic Diagram
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