Air cooling AC/DC primary topology IGBT power supply
AC/DC Primary topological hydrogen Power Supply (air-cooled)
Performance characteristics
Modular Design
Easy maintenance, good parallel characteristics, easy system expansion
Power Grid Adaptability
Wide voltage, frequency adaptability, support low short-circuit ratio weak power grid operation
Lower Harmonic
With harmonic suppression function, AC side Thui < 3%, grid friendly
High Power Factor
Power factor ≥0.99, with reactive power compensation capability
Strong Ability to Adapt to Environment
Air cooling heat dissipation, independent air duct design, high reliability
High Efficiency
The maximum efficiency is not less than 98.5%
main parameters


AC/DC Primary Topology Series

DC Parameters

Output Voltage Range


Output Current Range


DC Voltage Ripple


DC Stabilized Current Precision

±1% (steady state)

DC Stabilized Voltage Precision

±1% (steady state)

Load Response Time

<0.1s (0%~100%   load, running state)

Output Control Mode

Current control (default), Voltage control, Power   control

AC Parameters

Input AC Voltage Range


Rated Operating Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Rated Power Factor

>0.99 (over 30%PN)

Adjustable Power Factor Range


Allowable Grid Frequency Deviation


Allowable Grid Voltage Deviation


Total Harmonic Distortion

Rate of Grid- connected Current

<3% (over 30%PN)

Access Method

3-phase 3-wire+PE


Wiring In / Out Mode

In: top / bottom, Out: top / bottom



Environmental Requirements

Cooling Method

Temperature-controlled air cooling / Liquid cooling

Working Temperature Range


Electromagnetic Environment Category

Class A

Relative Humidity

0%~95% (no   condensation)

Enclosure Protection Rating

IP23 / IP54

Highest Altitude of Installation Site


External Communication

External Communication Interface

RS485, Ethernet and 4mA~20mA digital analog, etc.

External Communication Protocol

Modbus RTU, Modbus   TCP



Touch screen   (optional)