How to solve the problem of prompting “Control Registration Failure” after your background software is installed on the win10 system?

(1) Open the command line window, press the “win+x” on the keyboard to call up common commands, And then select “Windows PowerShell (Administrator)”. Some systems may display “Command Prompt (Administrator)”.

(2) Enter “D:\SVN\Monitor_hopeInsight\1-Release\hopeInsight\Plugins” in the plugins directory of hopeInsight, and press the “Enter” on the keyboard. (The hopeInsight program path shall be subject to the actual usage)

(3) Register the control and enter “regsvr32 HWEngeryFlowCtrl.ocx”.

Does the fault recording file recorded by your converter background monitoring software support storage in other data formats?

Yes, users can export in CSV format for analysis through the waveform analysis function of our background monitoring software according to their demands.

Can your background software be upgraded automatically? How to operate it?

Hopewind background software can automatically update when the computer is networked. The operation method is as follows:

When the computer is networked, restart the computer and click the background icon “hopeWind” to start the background.

Select the “Advanced User” and enter the login password. The background will automatically identify and pop the dialog box, “Check Updating”. After checking the update, download the updated version.

What kinds of test can your power grid analog unit do?

The equipment can carry out the grid adaptability test of wind, photovoltaic generator sets and energy storage systems, including voltage deviation adaptability test, frequency deviation adaptability test, three-phase voltage unbalance adaptability test, voltage flicker adaptability test, harmonic adaptability test and inter-harmonic adaptability test; Voltage ride through test includes low voltage ride through the test, high voltage ride through test and cascading failure ride through the test.

What are the voltage levels of your power grid analog unit? What’s the maximum capacity? What new energy devices can be tested?

The voltage level can be determined according to the customer demand, including the conventional 690V, 10kV and 35kV. The capacity of a single machine covers 2.5MVA - 10MVA. Moreover, the equipment can realize the function of multi-machine parallel connection and support capacity expansion, with a maximum capacity of 60MVA. Our testing equipment can complete the grid testing of wind power, photovoltaic and energy storage products.

What businesses do you have in transforming wind power post-market?

For the operation and maintenance services in the post-market of wind power, Hopewind has launched an integrated solution for the electric control system of wind turbines, mainly including the transformation service of master control, pitch and converter systems, the localization replacement of key components, and the maintenance of electrical components and so on. In addition, it provides overall solutions of SVG, AGC, AVC, high and low voltage ride through and frequency modulation, etc.

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