Power Storage
What are the possible reasons for the large difference between the electric quantity stored by the energy storage system and the actual configured capacity in the initial stage of operation?

In the case of excluding unreasonable parameter settings, there are the following possible reasons:

1The electric quantity of some electric cells in the system is too high or too low;

2Some weak electric cells are in the system, while their discharge voltage drops quickly and charging voltage rises quickly.

Does your energy storage converter have an isolation function?

Hopewind energy storage converter is designed with a non-isolation scheme, so its front end shall be equipped with a transformer (isolation transformer or boosting transformer) before connecting to the power grid.

Is your energy storage converter capable of carrying a three-phase unbalanced load?

Yes, each phase can carry a load with different power, and the load determines the power of each phase.

How to solve the circulating current problem of multi-unit AC side parallel connection of the energy storage converter?

Hopewind energy storage converter can solve the above problem by adopting carrier synchronization technology. Currently, the application field equipment of several energy storage projects is in good operation.

After the energy storage converter is powered on, how to deal with the problem of DC side undervoltage or overvoltage fault reported?

First of all, check the battery parameter settings of the energy storage converter, and then modify relevant parameters according to the actual situation, ensuring that the battery parameter settings of the energy storage converter match the DC side system.

How to deal with the insulation monitoring function conflict between the energy storage converter and the battery management system?

Generally, the energy storage converter and the battery management system have the insulation monitoring function. In case of turning on them simultaneously, the two may conflict and cause the system to fail to run. But this problem may be solved by failing to enable the insulation monitoring function of one of the two.

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