Liquid cooling AC/DC primary topology IGBT power supply
AC/DC primary topological hydrogen power supply (Water-cooled)
Performance characteristics
Modular Design
Easy maintenance, good parallel characteristics, easy system expansion
Power Grid Adaptability
Wide voltage, frequency adaptability, support low short-circuit ratio weak power grid operation
Lower Harmonic
With harmonic suppression function, AC side Thui < 3%, good net-related characteristics
High Power Factor
Power factor ≥0.99, with reactive power compensation capability
Strong Ability to Adapt to Environment
Water cooling heat dissipation, IP54 protection grade, high reliability
High Efficiency
The maximum efficiency is not less than 98.5%
main parameters


AC/DC Primary Topology Series

DC Parameters

Output Voltage Range


Output Current Range


DC Voltage Ripple


DC Stabilized Current Precision

±1% (steady   state)

DC Stabilized Voltage Precision

±1% (steady   state)

Load Response Time

<0.1s   (0%~100% load, running state)

Output Control Mode

Current control (default), Voltage control, Power   control

AC Parameters

Input AC Voltage Range


Rated Operating Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Rated Power Factor

>0.99 (over   30%PN)

Adjustable Power Factor Range


Allowable Grid Frequency Deviation


Allowable Grid Voltage Deviation


Total Harmonic   Distortion

Rate of Grid-   connected Current

<3% (over   30%PN)

Access Method

3-phase   3-wire+PE


Wiring In / Out Mode

In: top / bottom, Out: top / bottom



Environmental Requirements

Cooling Method

Temperature-controlled air cooling / Liquid cooling

Working Temperature Range


Electromagnetic Environment Category

Class A

Relative Humidity

0%~95% (no   condensation)

Enclosure Protection Rating

IP23 / IP54

Highest   Altitude of Installation Site


External Communication

External Communication Interface

RS485, Ethernet and 4mA~20mA digital analog, etc.

External Communication Protocol

Modbus RTU,   Modbus TCP



Touch screen   (optional)