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Hopewind shines at Intersolar Europe 2023 with residential and C&I PV solutions showcased

June 2023-Munich,Germany, Hopewind, the world’s leading green power solutions provider has concluded a successful participation of Intersolar Europe 2023, Europe’s most eye-catching and renowned renewable energy exhibitions, with its leading residential and C&I PV solutions presented.


As Europe seeks to transform to more sustainable power supply, solar energy has been attached with high expectations and playing a critical role during its actions. Projected by SolarPower Europe, an European leading solar energy association that Europe will see 53.6GW new PV installations in 2023 with an increase of 29.5% over 2022. And the high momentum of growth of PV installation will last into several years to come. Against the background of surging demands for PV installations, Hopewind brings its cutting-edge residential and C&I PV solutions to accommodate the needs of home solar users and business solar owners respectively.


Tailored to medium-scale business solar applications, Hopewind’s 100/110kW C&I PV inverter features up to 20A DC input, which makes it compatible with both 210mm high-power modules and bifacial modules, maximizing the yields while lowering installation cost and the LCOE for the system owners. Its upgraded AC output voltage ranges from 300V to 520V, enabling it to withstand grid fluctuations better. With outstanding fault voltage ride-through performance, it is capable of maintaining continuous operation before the fault voltage restores to normal, offering more stable and quality power. What is more, to simplify O&M, AC & DC dual power supply is made available which can achieve 24*7 continuous monitoring, making the O&M more friendly to on-site engineers.


As for home solar users, Hopewind brings its 3-10kW residential PV solution to the event. Weighing no more than 16kg with compact and streamlined design, it can be easily installed with one person. Paired with Hopewind monitoring solutions, intuitive system configuration and remote O&M can be easily realized via the Hopecloud app, saving the cost on O&M and improving the efficiency.


In addition to its proven-quality PV solutions, Hopewind is also constantly innovating to bring more attainable clean power for its customer base. This is reflected in the addition of portable power station to its product offerings which makes their debut at this exhibition.


“We are truly thrilled to take part in this most influential renewable energy exhibition in Europe all year around. Meeting up with distributors, installers and EPCs all over this continent has help reassured our ambition on propelling the transition to more sustainable power supply for our European customers,” said Sara Wang, vice president at Hopewind during the exhibition.


“Looking to the future, we will continue our heavy investment on technical innovations, and bring more advanced PV solutions to the customers in Europe,”Wang concluded.




About Hopewind

Established in 2007 and listed in 2017, Hopewind is a global leading provider of green energy solutions, specializing in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drive. Hopewind is recognized as the world's leading Wind Power Converter provider, as well as one of the Top 10 PV inverter brands in China. By the end of 2022, its cumulative shipments of renewable energy products have exceeded 100GW.