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Hopewind signed a 120MW distribution agreement with KVK Elektrik Enerji A.Ş. during EIF 2023

Gaziantep, September 2023 - Hopewind, a global leading green energy solutions provider signed a 120MW distribution agreement of supplying its cutting-edge 385kW utility-scale PV solution to its partner, KVK Elektrik Enerji A.Ş. at the 16th EIF International Energy Congress and Energy Expo, Turkey.


Surrounded by sea on three sides and located in the Mediterranean Sun Belt, Turkey is bestowed with abundant sunlight resources. In addition to the unique lighting conditions, Turkey’s desert terrain also makes it very suitable for the development of utility-scale PV projects. In 2023, an overall 2.2GW new installation is expected with utility-scale solar accounting for nearly 50%, showing a sound momentum of developing utility-scale solar in the country. Against this background, Hopewind signed the 120MW deal of supplying its 385kW utility-scale PV solution to its partner, KVK Elektrik Enerji A.Ş to meet the quickly growing market demands.


Debuted earlier this year, Hopewind’s ground-breaking 385kW string inverter is an utility PV solution with the highest nominal power output in the industry, which is set to revolutionize energy generation. Equipped with an advanced cooling system and 8 MPP trackers, it can even operate at full power under the ambient temperature of 40 degrees, with an impressive max efficiency rating of 99.01%, perfectly adaptive to the hot desert terrain in Turkey. It is equipped with PLC communication for seamless integration with control systems, eliminating the need for extensive wiring and saving the cost of installation for the project owners. Notably, it features a vital PID recovery function, effectively addressing users’ concerns over PV string degradation, and prolonging the life expectancy of PV modules. Furthermore, the inverter prioritizes safety and reliability with built-in SPD modules that offer protection against induced and direct lightning strikes, bolstering the overall safety and reliability of the system in any challenging situations.


 “We are truly thrilled to sign the very first contract of supplying our 385kW PV solution to our Turkish partner,” said Sara Wang, vice president at Hopewind during the exhibition. “This achievement not only marks a milestone of our long-term dedication to innovation but also serves as a testimony to our long-standing trust by the customers,” she added.  


About Hopewind

Established in 2007 and listed in 2017, Hopewind specializes in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drive. The company is recognized as the world's leading wind power converter provider and one of the Top 6 PV inverter brands in China. By the end of 2022, its cumulative renewable energy product shipments exceeded 100GW.