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Hopewind Showcased Comprehensive Green Energy Solutions at Renewable Energy India Expo 2023

Hopewind, a leading global provider of green energy solutions, celebrated its successful participation at REI 2023, where it showcased its diversified energy businesses, including cutting-edge PV solutions, wind power solutions, and PCS energy storage solutions.


Leading PV solutions

One of the standout offerings from Hopewind is its PV solutions with extensive power classes, ranging from 3kW to 385kW, which cover both string and central types and are suitable for all-scenario PV applications.


At REI, Hopewind's PV solutions highlighted its groundbreaking 385kW string inverter. As a utility-scale PV solution with the industry's highest nominal power output, it is equipped with an advanced cooling system that enables it to operate at full power without derating even in ambient temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. This makes it perfectly adaptable to the hot operating environment in India, allowing for increased power generation while reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). The inverter features PLC communication for seamless integration with control systems, eliminating the need for extensive wiring and reducing installation costs for project owners. Notably, it includes a vital PID recovery function, which extends the life expectancy of PV modules, as well as a built-in SPD module for enhanced safety.


In response to the rapid expansion of rooftop solar plants in India, Hopewind also showcased its 110kW C&I PV solution at the exhibition. This solution, with a maximum PV input current of 20A, is compatible with both high-power and bifacial modules, maximizing energy yields for system owners. With an AC output power range of 300V to 520V, it can withstand grid fluctuations, offering users high-quality and stable power.



Wind power solution

Setting itself apart as a versatile green energy solutions provider, Hopewind also presented its well-recognized wind power solutions at the exhibition. The company introduced its revolutionary double-fed converter to the Indian wind power market. Supporting flexible configurations and scalable from 2MW to 6.25MW, this converter features high power density, a wide voltage range, modular design, and flexible cooling methods.



PCS Energy storage solution

Additionally, Hopewind showcased its PCS energy storage system at the event. The PCS combo, which can be flexibly configured from 2.4MW to 3.45MW, meets the needs of large-scale energy storage projects. Its integrated design allows for easy transportation and installation. The system offers multiple working modes, including PO, VF, and VSG, as well as Black Start and grid-forming capabilities. In terms of protection and reliability, it features an IP65 rating and is C5-rated for corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it can operate at full power without derating even in temperatures up to 45°C. The PCS system also supports flexible combinations, as it can work effectively with either dry-type or oil-type transformers.



"We are thrilled to be part of Asia's leading B2B energy expo this year," said Sunil Panigrahi, the country manager of India at Hopewind. "During this event, we not only demonstrated our leading innovation capabilities in the PV sector but also in the wind power and energy storage domains. We are now fully prepared to facilitate India's green energy transition with our powerful and complete green energy ecosystem," Mr. Sunil added."