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Hopewind signs strategic cooperation with TÜV SÜD at Intersolar Europe 2023

June, 2023- Munich Germany, global leading renewable energy solutions provider Hopewind signs a strategic cooperation agreement with TÜV SÜD China at Intersolar Europe 2023, aiming to bolster its capabilities comprehensively for greater competitiveness in the global renewable energy sector.



According to the agreement, TÜV SÜD will be conducting diversified cooperation with Hopewind including but is not limited to product testing and certification, global market regulation compliance service, industrial automation and power consumption safety , carbon management, laboratory enhancement as well as management systems audit and certification services.


This all-around strategic cooperation will not only enable Hopewind to bring its leading renewable energy solutions to more customers worldwide but also enhance it competitiveness comprehensively and better prepare itself for bigger challenges in light of the rapidly changing global renewable energy landscape.


“TÜV SÜD is a global well-known technical service company with profound expertise and knowledge in the renewable energy industry. Through this strategic cooperation, we would gain great empowerment in different aspects, thus enabling us to serve the European customers with more advanced PV solutions while significantly lowering our carbon footprints on the continent,” commented Sara Wang, vice president at Hopewind.  


Hailiang Xu, vice president at TÜV SÜD Greater China remarked, “We are very glad to work with Hopewind on propelling their journey to the global renewable energy playground. Through utilizing our built-up experience in renewable energy technical services, we are fully confident to push Hopewind forward for the greater achievements.”  




About Hopewind


Established in 2007 and listed in 2017, Hopewind is a global leading provider of green energy solutions, specializing in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drive. Hopewind is recognized as the world's leading Wind Power Converter provider, as well as one of the Top 10 PV inverter brands in China. By the end of 2022, its cumulative shipments of renewable energy products have exceeded 100GW.




TÜV SÜD Group is a leading international technical service company with a history of more than 150 years. It is dedicated to providing professional services on Inspections, testing, Certifications, advisory service as well as training to the customers in various industries.