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Hopewind strengthens market presence with all-scenario PV solutions exhibited at SNEC 2023

May 2023- Shanghai, as Asia’s most influential PV expo, SNEC PV expo brings together the most prominent industry players in the PV energy sector that comes from nearly 100 countries around the world to showcase the latest technologies, products and discuss the future trends in the renewable energy realm.

Hopewind, a global leading provider of green energy solutions exhibits its all-scenario PV solutions that cover differentiated applications including residential, C&I and utility-scale PV at the exhibition, strengthening its global presence in the PV market.


Hopewind primly brings its 350kW utility PV solution under the spotlight at the exhibition. As a  string inverter set with the highest output power in the PV industry, it reduces the cost of installation and O&M, bringing a more optimal TCO for system owners. In terms of performance, its max 20A DC input allows it to be perfectly matched with 182/210 high power PV modules, generating high yields and lower the LCOE. With regards to safety and reliability, its outstanding heating dissipation ensures 1.1 times overload output power of 385kW under 40℃and rated output power under 45℃. It is also equipped with AFCI and optional I-V curve scan features, securing a productive yet secure operation under challenging situations.




To empower business owners, Hopewind also showcases its 110kW C&I PV solution at the event. Outshing its competitors, this solution supports up to 1.5times DC/AC ratio, enabling 12 strings of PV input of 210mm high power modules at most, maximizing the system yields. Its upgraded AC output voltage ranges from 300V to 520V, enabling it to withstand grid fluctuations better, offering more stable and high quality power.


For home solar users, Hopewind presents its 3-10kW residential PV solution to the visitors. Weighing no more than 16kg with compact and streamlined design, it can be easily installed with one person. Paired with Hopewind monitoring solutions, intuitive system configuration and remote O&M can be easily realized via the Hopecloud app, saving the cost on O&M and improving the efficiency.


As the wave of solar+storage burgeons , Hopewind forges ahead with full power. The company unveils its new generation 3.45MW energy-storage converters and 5MW energy-storage PCS all-in-one solutions, featuring smaller volumes, greater energy capacity and flexible combinations.


“We are excited to be back at SNEC and bring our latest innovations to this globally reputable PV energy feast” said Sara Wang, vice president of Hopewind. “Our ground-breaking utility PV solution not only exhibits our technical advancement in the PV industry, but also shows our commitment to continuous heavy investment on R&D, and to bring forward the development of global renewable energy causes. Look to the future, we will continue investing heavily on technical innovations and empower our customers for a de-carbonized future, ” Wang added.