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Shined on SNEC | Hopewind star products are unveiled


     On August 8, the long-awaited 14th SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Forum was grandly opened. As a highly influential international, professional and large-scale global photovoltaic event, countless photovoltaic companies have gathered to SNEC Exhibition, various cutting-edge technologies and innovations were shown for the industry. Hopewind also arrived this year, bringing a series of photovoltaic inverter products and solutions to show the latest products and technologies to the exhibitors. Welcome to the Hopewind booth (booth number: E5-330).

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      At the exhibition site, Hopewind launched a full range of string inverter products. The stylish and generous appearance of the products attracted many audiences to stop and watch. The smooth rounded corners of the series further enhance the user experience. The audiences were always happy to consult the staff to learn more the performance characteristics of the product.

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String type hopesunHV 225KTL series


High efficiency and high intelligence


The product has a maximum efficiency of 99.01% and has 12 channels of MPPT, which can effectively increase power generation. At the same time, the product has high-precision intelligent detection and supports IV diagnosis.


Reduce costs and ensure profits

The product supports aluminum wire access, saves the cost of AC and DC cables, and supports M10 standard silicon wafer components, with a maximum PV branch current of 15A.


Low failure, more power generation


This series adopts a non-fuse design, and the high protection level of IP66 can adapt to various harsh environments while reducing the frequency of maintenance requirements. The product also supports 24-hour real-time monitoring, has smart fan cooling, low temperature rise to fully extends its service life.

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36kW~80kW string inverter


99% ultra high efficiency power generation


This series of inverters has a maximum efficiency of more than 99% and high-precision intelligent string detection functions to ensure efficient power generation by the inverter and create more economic benefits for users.


Safe and reliable, all-round lightning protection


The inverter has built-in DC and AC lightning protection modules for comprehensive lightning protection. At the same time, the night repair PID module is optional, which makes the inverter more reliable and safe with the stable high quality.

Product friendly to meet multi-scenario applications


The product meets the requirements of active and reactive power adjustment, and supports mobile APP to check the inverter status anytime and anywhere, which is timely and convenient, and improves product friendliness. At the same time, the product power coverage is wide, effectively meeting the needs of users in various photovoltaic application scenarios. Currently, they are in stable operation in different provinces and different scenarios.

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       Advanced technology, stable products and high-quality services are Hopewind's unchanging persistence and original intention. The acquisition of this certificate is another new opportunity and challenge for Hopewind. Hopewind will continue to develop new products, actively adapt to the needs of the market and users, insist on providing better products and perfect services, and stride forward to become an internationally renowned new energy company.

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