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Hopewind won the first prize of the Power Technology Innovation Award

Hopewind has won another award! It is an important and well-known award in the field of China's electric power engineering technology - Electric Power Technology Innovation Award, which is a national award organized by the China Electricity Council.

Led by the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute, Hopewind Electric and other new energy companies, as well as power companies, Tsinghua University and other universities jointly completed the "10 million kilowatt-class offshore wind power friendly grid connection and consumption of key technologies and equipment" project , won the first prize of the 2021 Electric Power Technology Innovation Award!


The award-winning project of "10 million kilowatt-class offshore wind power friendly grid-connected and absorbing key technologies and equipment" has broken through the integration planning, peak and frequency regulation, source-grid coordinated control and efficient grid connection of 10 million kilowatt-class offshore wind power. Advanced technologies and equipment such as converters have been deployed in batches in multiple 10 million kilowatt-class offshore wind power bases, providing technical support for friendly grid connection and reliable consumption in the large-scale development of offshore wind power in China.

This honor fully demonstrates Hopewind's strong strength in scientific research innovation and frontier applications, and reflects the power industry's high recognition of Hopewind's technical capabilities in the research and development of wind power generation equipment and the construction of new power systems.


In fact, Hopewind has been leading the national science and technology support plan project "R&D of key technologies for industrialization of 7MW wind power converters and control systems" since 2012, and has invested heavily in large-capacity offshore wind power converters and pitch control systems for a long time. In-depth research and development of core equipment and related grid connection, regulation, consumption and new power transmission technologies. A series of high-performance products such as offshore wind power converters, pitch control systems, and station energy management systems have been formed.

In recent years, Hopewind has taken the lead in obtaining mass applications from mainstream customers and owners in the industry, providing strong support for accelerating the development of offshore wind power resources and expanding the offshore wind power industry. Based on these achievements, products and applications, Hopewind will be more determined to help the global energy transition