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Hopewind Won Two New Awards in PV Industry

From November 16 to November 17, 0FWeek2022 (the 13th) Solar PV Industry Conference & PV Industry Annual Award Ceremony ended in Shenzhen. Hopewind was honorably invited to participate in this grand event. It not only displayed the industrial and commercial flagship product: the 110kW series inverter, but also won the title of “2022 Outstanding/Excellent PV Inverter Supplier”, further showing its strong strength in the PV field.


From November 17 to November 19, Hopewind participated in the 14th China International New Energy Conference & Exhibition in Wuxi City, aiming to help the industrial and commercial photovoltaic power stations to generate every kilowatt hour of electricity through high current solutions, and make owners enjoy all photovoltaic revenues. Moreover, Hopewind won the award of “China’s Top 10 Distributed PV Inverter Brands” at the Exhibition.