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Hopewind Won 4 New Awards in Solar and Energy Storage Industry

In 2022, the industrial and commercial PV industry in Zhejiang Province shows extraordinary results. It has become a benchmark for the development of the industrial and commercial PV market in China, ranking first in terms of newly installed capacity in China. Hopewind provides leading and excellent industrial and commercial PV solutions and smart energy storage solutions in both local and national markets to create multiple benchmark projects and promote the healthy and upward development of the industry.

On November 21, the 7th PV Innovation Conference & Award Ceremony of Top 50 Innovative Enterprises in the PV Industry in 2022 was held in Hangzhou City. Together with its leading industrial and commercial PV inverter products, Hopewind won 4 awards simultaneously: “Top 10 Most Innovative Inverter Enterprises in PV Industry in 2022”, “Most Influential Brand Enterprise in Distributed PV Industry in 2022”, “Most Innovative Optical Storage Integration Solution Enterprise in PV Industry in 2022” and “Top 10 Most Innovative Inverter Enterprises in Distributed PV Industry in 2022”.