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Winning Many Awards, Hopewind Has Developed with High Quality in the Field Of Renewable Energy

In recent years, the green and low-carbon transformation of the energy industry in China has achieved remarkable results, and the innovation and progress of renewable energy technologies represented by wind power and photovoltaics have promoted the industrial leap. However, the contradiction between energy transformation and safe energy supply has become increasingly prominent and needs to be solved urgently. Given the energy contradiction, the 2022 Energy Summit & 14th Chinese Energy Enterprise High-Level Forum was held by Energy in Beijing. The national energy regulatory authorities, central energy enterprises, international energy enterprises, technical service enterprises, and relevant national think tanks were invited to get together to discuss how to keep a balance between green and low-carbon energy development, innovative technologies, and safe energy supply in the case of setbacks in energy transformation.


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During the on-the-spot communication at the Energy Summit, Hopewind accepted an interview with Energy, and exchanged some of its own industrial comments and opinions on renewable energy investment, energy industry development and new power system construction, energy storage market development, etc., and drilled down into the future of energy transformation, supply and safety. Deeply engaged in the field of renewable energy for more than ten years, Hopewind has now formed a complete development platform for such renewable energy products as wind power converters, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage converters and SVG, constantly making contributions to global energy transformation and development.

Hopewind's achievements in the renewable energy field are obvious to all, with its products and services widely praised. With innovative products and excellent market application, Hopewind won the “Special Contribution Award for Energy Transformation and Green Development” during the annual selection process by the Energy Summit. “Promoting technical progress of the industry and creating a better life for mankind” is this glorious mission that Hopewind has been adhering to, aiming to provide customers throughout the world with renewable energy-related products and solutions featuring excellent performance, high quality, and strong adaptability, facilitate the construction of a modern energy system and help realize the goal of national “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.”


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Hopewind has achieved fruitful results and enjoyed a steady flow of victories, realizing a bumper harvest of industrial reputation and social reputation. Recently, the series of activities titled the “11th Summit Forum for Listed Companies in China” sponsored by the National Business Daily, the mainstream financial media, came to a successful conclusion. The Summit Forum released the “2022 12th Word of Mouth Rankings for Listed Companies in China”, known as the Oscars for Listed Companies in China. Hopewind won the award of "the Fastest Growing Listed Company in the renewable energy and New Materials Industry".


Via several months of the comprehensive evaluation, the selection had been concluded through four major links of public nomination, big data screening, model screening, and organizational + public voting, respectively, fully considering the professional reputation and market praise of listed companies. With its high growth, high value, and high potential in the renewable energy and new materials industry, Hopewind stood out from many listed companies!


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On the principles of product orientation and brand growth, Hopewind shaped a new image of strong energy brands in China. Recently, the CPC 7th Century Photovoltaic Conference of 2022 & PVBL 10th Global PV Global Photovoltaic Brand Rankings Announcement Ceremony was jointly held by the Century renewable energy Network, and the Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL) in Shanghai. The Conference organized relevant leaders, entrepreneurs, and heads of institutional investors et al. in the energy field to have in-depth discussions and exchanges, on the policy of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, around hot topics such as industrial development trends, technological innovation, and photovoltaic and energy storage integration. At the Conference, Hopewind won three awards: “PVBL Top 100 Solar PV Brands in the World”, “PVBL2022 Top 20 Global PV Inverter Brands" and "PVBL The Fastest Growing Companies Brand", demonstrating the outstanding achievements and comprehensive strengths of Hopewind in the photovoltaic field.



As a leading domestic wind power converter industry enterprise, Hopewind has hard-core product and technological advantages, leading the enterprise to grow sustainably and drive the industry to innovate upward. Recently, the project “Key Technologies and Large-scale Application of Wind Turbine/Farm Cluster Frequency Modulation Control”,  jointly completed by Hopewind, several electric power research institutes, and power generators, won the Second Prize of “the 2022 Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award”. The project not only effectively leads the technical innovation of active frequency modulation of wind power, but also jointly promotes the construction of grid-friendly energy stations and the construction of new power systems under the large-scale development of wind power.


With many honors, the company sets off again, forging ahead and composing a new chapter. A number of key awards gained by Hopewind once again witnessed the strength and influence of Hopewind as a head enterprise. In the future, Hopewind will continue to make persistent efforts and live up to expectations to write a new chapter in the development of renewable energy.