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5158 meters! Hopewind helps connect the world's highest-altitude wind farms to the grid

At the top of the plateau above 5,000 meters above sea level, the wind turbines are scattered in the endless meadow, and the snow white turbine blades slowly rotate under the blue sky, which is particularly magnificent. On the 22nd, the first batch of units of the world's highest altitude wind farm, the Zhegu Decentralized Wind Farm in Tsomi County, Tibet, was successfully connected to the grid to generate electricity, converting the abundant plateau wind energy into green power that promotes local economic development.

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It is understood that the wind farm is invested by the Three Gorges Group, located in Zhegu Town, which is a demonstration project for ultra-high altitude wind power research in China and the first decentralized wind power project in the Tibet Autonomous Region, with an average altitude of 4850--5500 meters. Five Hopewind full-power ultra-high prototype water-cooled converters were installed at the site, of which 1 was installed at an altitude of 5060 meters and the center of the unit hub was 5158.4 meters above sea level, which is currently the highest installed wind turbine in the world.



The wind energy resources in the ultra-high altitude area of Tibet are very rich, especially the wind above 4800 meters is stronger and more durable, and the development potential is huge. However, as altitude increases, both air pressure and temperature drop. The wind farm is located at an ultra-high altitude, and is characterized by low air pressure, thin air, cold and dry climate, and large temperature difference between day and night. This poses a huge challenge to the practical application of low-voltage electrical products. During the operation process, problems such as insulation failure, over-limit temperature rise, reduction of arc extinguishing ability and tripping ability, lightning strike, and low temperature are prone to affect the operation of the equipment.


As Hopewind’s technical strength and strong heritage are in the leading position in the wind power industry, in view of the above harsh plateau environment, Hopewind combined with many years of converter development and practical experience, the 2.5MW direct drive converter, which has been maturely used at an altitude of 4000 meters, has been technically transformed and upgraded. Special design and strict testing and demonstration work are carried out in insulation design, device selection, heat dissipation of the whole machine, heating and dehumidification, and lightning protection. Created a special converter for 5,000 meters altitude (full-power ultra-high prototype water-cooled converter), breaking the altitude limit and standing on the top of the plateau.


In addition to the wind power converter, one Hopewind 35kV outdoor direct-connection type water-cooled SVG is also adopted on the site, which is also the highest 35kV SVG at the highest altitude in China. Then, Hopewind has become the first manufacturer of 35kV large-capacity direct-connection type water-cooled SVG at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters in China. Through the analysis of the climatic conditions, geological parameters and altitude of the site location, Hopewind SVG takes reliable protective measures to meet the environmental adaptability requirements of equipment insulation, electrical clearance, temperature rise, lightning protection, radiation protection, antifreeze and other environmental adaptability requirements of the site; adopts automatic bypass redundancy technology and comprehensive protection strategy stratification to improve SVG's ability to resist failure risks and strengthen equipment reliability; ensures the long-term safe and stable operation of SVG in ultra-high altitude environment, and improves the quality and efficiency of wind farms.



Driven by cost reduction, the future development of new energy will be centralized and decentralized. Decentralized wind power is an important way to develop wind energy resources, and it needs to meet certain technical requirements. Hopewind Converter adopts a variety of technical means for decentralized projects, including: grid harmonic suppression strategy, grid adaptability enhancement design, anti-islanding, remote monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance, etc., to strengthen the grid adaptability and environmental adaptability of decentralized wind turbines, greatly improve the operation efficiency of equipment, thereby increasing power generation.

Hopewind SVG can solve the problems of weak power grid, large harmonic content and large imbalance for decentralized projects, and can realize the effective joint regulation linkage of power factor with the Hopewind converter and inverter in the field station, build a grid-friendly field station ecology for decentralized wind farms and wind and photovoltaic power stations, optimize the performance of the equipment, reduce the initial investment, stabilize the power grid, reduce the loss of the field station, effectively ensure the stable operation of field equipment and improve the efficiency of the field station. In addition, customers can also enjoy integrated after-sales service, general spare parts consistency to reduce the type of spare parts (such as power distribution devices, IGBT, control board, etc.), Hopewind’s converters, inverters, SVG, energy storage and other equipment are maintained synchronously at the station, providing quick response service


One wind power project has won two championships, which fully reflects the strong strength of Hopewind in the power electronics industry. Let Hopewind reach a new height on the road of "becoming a world-class provider of energy conversion and control solutions".




Adhere to the establishment of technology, scientific and technological innovation, under the technical support of a strong R & D team, Hopewind continues to increase R & D investment, dare to try in the technology first, and constantly break through the limits of the industry. Hopewind contributes to provide customers with high-quality performance, reliable quality, adapt to various types of environmental new energy products and solutions.