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Hopewind released inverter with efficiency of up to 99.01% at Intersolar South America

Hopewind  presented at Intersolar South America, which was held between August 29 and 31 at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP) with its inverter solutions and ESS (Energy Storage System) for residential, commercial and utility applications.

Among the highlights is the new HSNV 330K string inverter, which supports up to 60A of MPPT input current, making it compatible with the 182 mm and 210 mm modules.

In addition, the equipment has eight MPP trackers and a high energy conversion efficiency of 99.01%, which ensures high yields and reduces the initial investment in the system.

"In the event of rope malfunctions, positioning a faulty module can be tricky, especially among a large number of ground-mounted panels," the company reported.

"To address this concern, Hopewind has introduced intelligent IR curve diagnostics to help digitize and diagnose photovoltaic ropes and detect faults and hazards, ensuring plant safety and saving on-site inspection efforts for O&M operators," the company said.

Also according to the manufacturer, the cooling system of the inverter allows excellent performance even if the ambient temperature can reach 40 degrees. Other features, including the IP66-rated housing, DPS Type II on both sides DC and AC and AFCI, are also incorporated.

Smart Home

Another highlight of the company that will be at the booth, located on street B2-80, is the smart home system, which has a hybrid inverter, energy storage system and a charger for EVs (electric vehicles) powered by solar energy + grid.

"The HYNV 5-12K, the new hybrid series, makes its debut at this exhibition. This inverter ensures a perfect change to bypass load in just 4ms. The backup output supports a 200% overload over a period of 60s, allowing the system to handle starter currents and sudden load spikes induced by certain electrical appliances such as electrical machinery, heat pump and AC system," they said.

According to Alex Hsu, country manager of Hopewind in Brazil, in preparation for power outages, especially during peak hours of electricity consumption, such as summer night, the hybrid inverter will be able to withstand the interruption of the AC system's power supply.

"We have also configured this inverter to be combined with storage batteries ranging between 100V and 800V, giving users more options in choosing branded batteries," he added.

According to Hsu, these products can be integrated into the residential solar system and monitored via the hopeCloud app, allowing homeowners to monitor and control the system anywhere and anytime, giving them more independence from the grid.