Social Responsibility

  • Hopewind----- provider of renewable energy solutions, has been taking responsibility and contributing strength and service to improve global energy resource shortage & climate change.

  • 85GW+

    Global Performance of Renewable

  • 16.9+

    CO₂ reduction per year - Million t

  • 9.3+

    Equivalent to annual tree planting - Billion trees




Solar Cases

Hope-series String/centralized/C&D inverter stably operate in Brazil, China, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Solar Cases

Wind Cases

There are totally more than 500 wind farms, and the cumulative shipments have exceeded 20,000 sets all around the world.

Wind Case

EES Cases

Hope-Series energy storage systems: PCS, EMS and other products have been applied in China, South Korea, and Russia. Batch applications in various fields such as Grid side, Power generation side, User side and Microgrid.

EES Cases


HSVG series have been operated perfectly in various environments and various complex power grids situation at the Wind&Solar power generation plants.


About Hopewind

Hopewind is one of the most competitive electrical companies in the field of renewable energy

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