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TIER 1 | Hopewind Ranked as a BloombergNEF Global Tier 1 Photovoltaic Inverter Manufacturer

On May 23, the globally renowned energy research institution — Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BloombergNEF, abbreviated as BNEF) announced the list of photovoltaic inverter manufacturers that meet the BNEF Tier 1 standards as of the second quarter of 2024. The list indicates that only seven companies worldwide have successfully made it to the first echelon (Tier 1), with Hopewind being one of them. Being ranked on the Tier 1 list fully demonstrates Hopewind's global influence and competitiveness in the field of photovoltaics.


Tier 1(模糊)(1).jpg

(Source: BNEF, list arranged in reverse alphabetical order)


It is reported that the Tier 1 photovoltaic inverter manufacturer grading system is a transparent rating system independently developed and established by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), aimed at evaluating the comprehensive strength and market competitiveness of photovoltaic module manufacturers. The criteria for selection include a manufacturer's provision of their own brand, and self-produced inverter products to at least four projects exceeding 5MW globally within the past two years. Additionally, these projects must have secured non-recourse financing from at least two distinct commercial banks, with the transactions recorded in BNEF's monitored database. Consequently, this selection process is regarded as fair, objective, and highly credible, establishing itself as one of the most renowned and reliable industry rating systems on a global scale.


In recent years, Hopewind has expanded into the global market, with photovoltaics being one of the main businesses. Facing the global photovoltaic market, Hopewind can provide string PV inverters ranging from 3 to 385kW and central PV inverters from 500kW to 3.125MW, with achievements spanning across Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America, aiding the development of global renewable energy. Being selected for the Tier 1 Global First-Class PV Inverter Manufacturer list fully reflects the excellent product quality of Hopewind photovoltaic inverters, outstanding global project performance, and strong financing capabilities, representing Hopewind's rise to the ranks of global photovoltaic inverter leaders.


As a leader in wind, photovoltaic, energy storage, and hydrogen, Hopewind not only shines in the field of photovoltaics but also has remarkable achievements in wind power, energy storage, hydrogen energy, and SVG, leading the global green energy transformation. In the high-end industrial intelligent manufacturing transmission field, Hopewind also has variable frequency drive products with technical performance reaching or even surpassing international standards, striving for the domestic substitution of key equipment. In the future, adhering to the beautiful vision of "becoming a world-class provider of electric energy conversion and control solutions," it will continue to implement more high-quality projects globally and strive to create a better zero-carbon future.