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Hopewind debuted at the 2019 Australia All Energy Exhibition

     From October 23rd to 24th, Australia's largest and most influential renewable energy exhibition - the 2019 Australia All Energy Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as AAEE) grandly opened at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. This time, Hopewind participated in the exhibition with the string inverter series, and it was the first time to log in to the AAEE.



Australia is a country with a high popularity of rooftop solar energy in the world. For the residential and industrial and commercial photovoltaic markets with high demand in Australia, Hopewind brought 30K commercial high-power products, 10K commercial medium-power products, 5K household low-power products, etc. to AAEE. The 30K commercial high-power exhibited this time attracted the attention of exhibitors. Its maximum DC input voltage is 1100V, has the performance characteristics of multi-channel MPPT, high power generation, and high-precision intelligent component detection. It not only has built-in AC and DC lightning protection modules and all-round lightning protection, also has PLC power carrier communication function, which can directly access the inverter through the mobile APP without RS485 communication cable, which is convenient and quick.


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