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Hopewind continues forging ahead in Europe as new partnerships with SYMM SOLAR BV and Solaron shpk announced

29th March 2024- Global leading renewable energy solutions provider Hopewind continues its rapid expansion in Europe as two new partnerships with SYMM SOLAR BV and Solaron shpk respectively announced, aiming to bring its top-notch PV solutions to more regions on the continent.


Centering on offering the finest PV equipment and value-adding services to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, SYMM SOLAR BV is a trusted European leading distributor of tier 1 solar PV modules, inverters, and a provider of eco-energy equipment & solutions. By establishing this strategic partnership with Hopewind and adding its C&I inverters to the company's offerings, SYMM SOLAR BV extends its service capabilities to commercial solar users, enabling itself to empower its customer’s business growth with green energy.


"We are thrilled to become the professional distributor of Hopewind inverters,” said Siyu Yang, commercial director at SYMM SOLAR BV.

"We are passionate about providing economical, stable, reliable, and convenient energy solutions for every home and business in Europe. And we believe Hopewind’s state-of-the-art products and tailor-made services are what we have been looking for,” Yang added.


Meanwhile, in East Europe, Hopewind is also making a big stride in its business development. At the VERED-TEC 2024 exhibition held in Athens, Greece, Hopewind announced its partnership with Solaron shpk, a professional MW EPC, for the distribution of its PV offerings in the Albania- Kosovo area. Solaron shpk, recognized as the first EPC firm in Albania to specialize in photovoltaic technology, is seen as a game-changing player that continues to make breakthroughs in the local photovoltaic energy sector with its first-class design techniques and consulting services.


"At Solaron shpk, we aim to bring to Albania some of the best, well-recognized, and certified brands of the PV industry. Now we are thrilled to have Hopewind onboard to our offerings. We look forward to a productive cooperation with more of our customers benefiting from Hopewind’s outstanding products,” commented Mrs. Joli Delimeta, Founder and CEO of Solaron shpk.                                                               




 SYMM SOLAR BV is a trusted European distributor specializing in tier 1 solar PV modules, inverters, and eco-energy equipment. The company is dedicated to sourcing high-quality products and providing tailored services to optimize their customers' businesses. With a focus on understanding unique customer needs, SYMM SOLAR BV delivers relevant and value-adding solutions, turning their clients into industry leaders. The company guarantees a stable supply and distribution of photovoltaic equipment, working closely with customers to optimize processes and enhance profitability.

About Solaron shpk

Solaron shpk is the first EPC firm in Albania to specialize in photovoltaic technology, and is also the first and only company in Albania to provide both solar and energy auditing/saving solutions.

With a group of licensed electrical engineers in Canada and Albania, The company offers customized turn-key solutions for on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid PV systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Solaron takes pride in partnering with well-recognized and certified brands in the PV industry, bringing the best technology to Albania. Its services cater to those seeking investment opportunities, revenue increases, expense reduction, reliable energy sources, and efficient renewable energy systems. 

The company also sets itself an example of ‘women empowerment’ in the energy sector as being a business that is 100% owned and operated by women.