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Hopewind Partnered with CNBM Germany GmbH and Bisoll GmbH to promote Renewable Energy Transformation in Europe

March 19th 2024, Amsterdam- At Solar Solutions International Expo, Hopewind signed a Europe distribution contract with CNBM Germany GmbH focusing on commercial and industry solar solutions promotion, and certified Bisoll GmbH as its first professional MW EPC in Europe.


Focusing on expanding the industrial and commercial PV solution in Germany, Bisoll GmbH chose Hopewind’s C&I PV inverters through its entrusted partner CNBM Germany GmbH. After conducting detailed research on different branded inverters, product quality, after-sale services, and ease of installation, Bisoll GmbH expressed their satisfaction with Hopewind's offerings. According to Mr, Zhongliang Wei, Founder and CEO at Bisoll GmbH, "Hopewind’s inverters are not only efficient, safe, easy to install,  but also well-equipped with customized after-sale services, which ensures us to deliver reliable and stable photovoltaic systems for our C&I customers."




Victor Sui, director of CNBM Germany GmbH congratulated both Hopewind and Bisoll GmbH on the achievement of their partnership. He stated, "We are very pleased to sign a Europe distributor contract with Hopewind and witness the first MW EPC certification ceremony between Hopewind, Bisoll GmbH.and CNBM. We focus on bringing top-branded PV solutions to customers in Europe. As a leading brand of PV inverters, Hopewind boasts unparalleled technical advancement and offers all-around customer services, which we believe is what Bisoll GmbH seeks."


During the ceremony, Sara Wang, Vice President at Hopewind, issued the installer certificate to Bisoll GmbH and the distributor certificate to CNBM Germany GmbH.  Mrs Wang mentioned: "We are very pleased to establish this partnership with Bisoll GmbH, through which our leading C&I PV inverters will benefit more opportunities for business in Europe. We'd also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our partner CNBM Germany GmbH for their trust, and we will surely expand our cooperation to bring our leading PV solutions to more installers worldwide."

About Hopewind

Hopewind was established in 2007 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. The company specializes in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drives.

To expand our global presence, Hopewind has set up six subsidiaries that contain overseas sales and service centers in countries such as the Netherlands, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, and Pakistan. In Europe, the company has established operating bases in Germany and the Netherlands, providing localized and timely support to customers. Hopewind has designated local service representatives to cover a wider area of services, offering on-site support and up-to-date training.

Hopewind is highly regarded as a Tier One Manufacturer of Inverter Shipments for Utility in China and is globally recognized as a leading wind power converter provider. With a remarkable track record, the company has shipped over 150GW of renewable energy products worldwide by the end of 2023. 

About CNBM Germany GmbH

CNBM Germany GmbH is a fully established subsidiary of CNBM Group, which is recognized as the world's largest building materials industry group. As a comprehensive integrator, CNBM Germany GmbH specializes in providing one-stop energy storage solutions to customers in Europe. The company has strategically partnered with top brands of inverter and battery manufacturers, focusing on household renewable energy storage and commercial renewable energy storage.

About Bisoll GmbH

Bisoll GmbH, a reputable German company, boasts a strong background in industrial products and AI solutions. Expanding its expertise to the solar energy field in 2021, the company now offers an extensive range of top-quality products, including solar panels, inverters, storage solutions, cables, accessories, and professional installation services. Dedicated to providing reliable, sustainable, and innovative solutions, Bisoll GmbH takes great pride in assisting customers in achieving their energy goals while minimizing their carbon footprint. With a team of experienced experts committed to delivering tailored solutions, the company offers comprehensive services encompassing consultation, design, installation, and maintenance. Using their extensive product range and in-depth knowledge of solar energy solutions, Bisoll GmbH serves as the perfect partner for those seeking trustworthy, high-quality, and sustainable energy solutions.