Power Quality
SVG Solutions

With the rapid development of renewable energy, the power quality problems caused by the instability in the power generation process have become increasingly prominent. SVG can effectively prevent a series of power quality problems caused by wind power and photovoltaic connection systems.


Hopewind SVG performs well under various conditions with stable operation and a low failure rate. The equipment capacity covers 1Mvar-120Mvar. It has air-cooled and water-cooled cooling methods and supports the parallel expansion of multiple machines. It can effectively solve the power quality problems caused by renewable energy generation.

Cascade Number Optimization Technology

The industry has the lowest number of cascades of products of the same specification, excellent hardware and software design and control capabilities, and high cost performance

Multi-machine Parallel Grouping Control Technology

Support different capacities; 

Support constant power, constant reactive power, constant voltage and other operating modes; 

Support up to 16 parallel control; 

Support the FT3 communication protocol required by the latest standards

Automatic Bypass Redundancy Technology

No trip if there is a fault, online bypass; module cross control

High Power Density

High product integration and small footprint

Power Grid Adaptability

Grid frequency adaptability (45Hz~55Hz)

Grid unbalance adaptability (ε≤8%)

Grid distortion rate adaptability (THDu≤10%)

Failsafe Layering Policy

Fault classification, automatic reset, online standby

HVRT and LVRT Function

1.3Un HVRT, 0Un LVRT, with a continuous ride-through capability, exclusive China Electric Power Research Institute actual measurement report

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