35kV outdoor container (air cooling)
Performance characteristics
Easy installation, operation and maintenance
Easy installation and maintenance for air cooling, low initial investment cost and simple and convenient on-site construction for outdoor container machine
Rich human-machine interaction
User-friendly interface design and full touchscreen operation
Multiple compensation modes
Diversified compensation modes,More flexible control
Fast response
Wider operating range and faster response speed
Modular design
Redundant design of power module, with strong continuous operation capability of the whole machine
Saved space
Compact cabinet structure, light module and small floor area
main parameters
35kV outdoor container(air cooling) (step-down type)
Rated Capacity (Mvar)7810121416182022242628
Rated Current (A)116132165198231264297330363396429462
On-grid Point Voltage Range(75%~115%) Un (long operation)
On-grid Point Frequency Range45Hz~55Hz / 55Hz~65Hz (long operation)
On-grid Point Distortion RateTHDu≤10% (grid adaptability)
On-grid Point Unbalanceε≤8% (grid adaptability)
Reactive Power Output RangeRated capacitive to rated inductive, continuous adjustment
Harmonic Compensation Capability2~13 subharmonic
Power factor≥0.99 (within the compensation capacity)
Overall Efficiency≥99%