Outdoor wall-mounted – AC/DC Power Conversion System
400 Vac, air cooling 50 kW~80kW
Performance characteristics
Special detection equipment measuring leakage current to ensure system and personal safety
User friendly
1. Low noise, less than 60dB;
2. Fully manual installation possible, with no forklift, crane and other special tools or equipment required
Independent sets
Equipment utilization during maintenance improved, with only battery clusters under maintenance needing to be powered off
Direct parallel connection of battery strings reduced
Capacity difference between battery strings over the years reduced
IP65 protection grade
Suitable for typhoon and coastal areas
High efficiency
1. 60ms for charge-discharge conversion;
2. Multi-machine AC direct parallel supported
main parameters
ModelhopePCS 50hopePCS 60hopePCS 80
Max. DC  Power55W66W88W
Max. DC  Voltage900V
Max. DC Current92A110A146A
DC Voltage Range600V~900V
DC Voltage Ripple %2.00%
      AC ParametersRated  Power50kW60kW80kW
Max.  Power55kW66kW88kW
AC connectionM8 screw
IsolationNo isolation
Q range0~50kVAr0~60kVAr0~80kVAr
Rated Grid Voltage400V
Operating Voltage Range304V~440V
Rated Grid Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Operating Frequency Range±3Hz
Power Factor1 (inductive)~1   (capacitive)
Switching T Charge/Discharge60ms
Rated Output Voltage400V
Voltage Deviation±2%
Voltage Unbalance2%, Short time<4%
HDU3% (Without load or   resistive load)
Rated Frequency50Hz 
Voltage Transient Range10%
Over-voltage ValueOptional
Under-voltage ValueOptional
   System ParametersMax. Efficiency99.00%
Protection ClassIP65
Cooling MethodSmart air cooling
Insulation Resistance>1MΩ
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+60℃ 
Relative Humidity0%~100%
Ethernet, RS485
HMI InterfaceLED   display:charge/discharge,shutdown, standby, fault
Protocolmodbus TCP/RTU
Mechanical ParametersDimensions (W*H*D)800*330*668mm