HV300 Universal Frequency Converter
Performance characteristics
Whole series of built-in brake units
Standard built-in brake units for 22kW and below;
Optional built-in brake units for 22kW and above;
Installation space saved;
Line loop reduced to improve system reliability;
External box omitted to save user system cost.
Standard DC reactor for models of 5.5kW and above
Current distortion rate reduced by 50%;
Suppression of grid impact to protect the rectifier bridge;
To effectively improve the power factor at the input side;
To improve the overall efficiency and thermal stability of the frequency converter;
To effectively eliminate the influence of high-order harmonic at the input side on the frequency converter.
The latest generation of IGBT
Latest generation of IGBT, with a maximum junction temperature of 175 ℃;
Built-in dynamic junction temperature model to monitor IGBT junction temperature in real time;
Unique short circuit and shoot-through protection technology to protect system safety;
Delay reset of overcurrent protection to inhibit overcurrent frequency.
Standard EMC filter
The entire series of standard C3 EMC filters, assembled before leaving the factory ;
Effectively suppressing grid noise and electromagnetic interference;
Optionally adapted to C2 EMC filter.
main parameters
ModelHV300 Universal Frequency Converter
Input Voltage U in200V (-15%) ~ 240V (+10%) 1PH/3PH
380V (-15%) ~ 480V (+10%) 3PH
500V (-15%) ~ 690V (+10%) 3PH

Input Frequency 

Maximum Supply Imbalance≤3%
Output Voltage 0V ~ U in
Output Frequency 0Hz ~ 300Hz
Power Range 0.4kW ~ 500kW

Main Control 


Voltage Control V/F, OLVC (Open Loop Vector Control)
Adjust Speed 1:100 (OLVC), 1:50 (V/F)
Start Torque 0.5Hz: 150% (OLVC), 1Hz: 150% (OLVC)
Torque Accuracy ≤5% (OLVC)
Torque Pulsation ≤2% (OLVC)

Steady Operation Speed 


≤1% n0 (Rated condition)
Resolution 0.01Hz (Digit), 0.1%×Max. frequency (Analog)
Torque Boost 0.1s ~ 3600min
Torque Boost 0.1% ~ 30.0%
Overload E, G type: 150% rated output current, 1 minute P type: 110%   rated output current, 1 minute
V/F 4 types: V/F (user can program) and ramp (2.0 power, 1.7  power, 1.2 power)
DC BrakingInjection frequency: 0.0% ~100.0% Max. frequency
Injection current: 0.0% ~ 300.0% rated current
Injection time: 0.00s ~ 60.00s
Dynamic Brake22kW and below models have built-in brake unit
Brake rate: 0.0% ~ 100.0%
Default dynamic brake DC voltage:
390V (220V voltage level products)
780V (380V voltage level products)
1125V (690V voltage level products)
JogJog frequency: 0.00Hz ~ maximum frequency
Jog acceleration rate: 0.1s ~ 600.0s
Jog interval time: 0.1s ~ 600.0s
Preset 16 preset speeds (decided by control terminals)
AVR Maintain the output voltage of motor V/F when the input power supply voltage changed

Special Control Function

Built-in PID Build close loop control system easily

PMSM Soft-start

Grid-tie Function

When drives the PMSM (permanent   magnet synchronous motor) to the grid frequency, the switch will act to get the power supply from the grid without current impact, and the VFD will   stop running
dvanced Function Blocks2 programmable logic control   blocks, 1 programmable binary- Decimal conversion blocks, 2   programmable compare blocks, 3 programmable arithmetic blocks, easy to develop advanced   functions
Reference SourceDigit: Keypad, UP/DOWN terminal, preset speed, pulse, communication
Analog: AI1: 0V~10V, 0(4)mA~20mA. AI2: 0V~10V

Operating Mode

Keypad, control terminal, communication
Digital Input TerminalsDI1 ~ DI7: 7 ways programmable   terminals, pos. and nega. is logical optional, and DI6 can be set as pulse
 input, 0Hz ~ 60Hz; DI7 can be high frequency pulse input (1kHz ~ 50.0kHz)   or PTC thermistor input

Digital Output


DO1 ~ DO2: 2 ways programmable digital output terminals, Max. output current: 50mA (each way), DO2 can  be the terminal to output pulse ( 0.1kHz~50.0kHz ), and output PWM (10kHz)
Analog Output TerminalAO1: programmable analog output terminal, 0V-10V, 0(4)mA ~ 20mA.
Relay output 2 programmable normal open relays, contactor   data:AC250V/2A(COSφ=1), AC250V/1A(COSφ=0.4), DC30V/1A
CommunicationInterface RS485, RJ45
Protocol Modbus RTU
EnvironmentAltitude 1000m rated, 1000m-3000m, 1% rated current derating per 100m
-20℃~+40℃ (Operation with derating at 40℃~55℃)
Humidity <90% RH, no-condensing
Vibration <5.9m/s2 (0.6g)
Storage Temperature-40℃~+70℃
Operation EnvironmentIndoor, no direct sunlight,   non-flammable, no corrosive gasses and liquid, no contamination with   electrically conductive material
Optional Modules HV232, HVUSB, Profibus module, keypad pallet, HV-Manager (PC Tools), Three-phase voltage detection module
Protection Function Output shortage, over current, over load, over voltage, under Voltage, Phase loss, over heat, external trip, etc.
Efficiency1.5kW and below: ≥89%
2.2kW ~ 22kW: ≥93%
30kW and above: ≥95%
Mounting Method Cabinet installation, Through panel, surface mounting
Ingress Protection IP20, IP21 (by adding optional device)
Cooling Method 220V/0.4kW(0.5hp) model is nature cool, others are forced air cool