Cabinet 1500V- AC/DC Power Conversion System
Outdoor, 2.5MW~3.45MW
Performance characteristics
High stability
AC/DC fuse protection
Easy dispatching and control
High power grid connection to reduce the number of sub-systems, easy to dispatch and control
IP55 protection grade
Outdoor placement is possible to reduce costs effectively
Excellent performance
High AC and DC voltage to reduce loss and increase power generation; 30ms for charge-discharge conversion
High integration
Small size, small floor area, high power density
High efficiency
Tri-level technology, with a maximum efficiency of 99.01%
main parameters


hopePCSHV 2400hopePCSHV 2750hopePCSHV 3150hopePCSHV 3450
Max. DC  Power2640W3025W3465W3795W
Max. DC  Voltage1500V
Max. DC Current3794A
DC Voltage Range696V~1500V800V~1500V920V~1500V1000V~1500V
DC Voltage Ripple %0.75%
      AC      ParametersRated  Power2400kW2750kW3150kW3450kW
Max.  Power2640kW3025kW3465kW3795kW
IsolationNo isolation
Q range0~2400kVAr0~2750kVAr0~3150kVAr0~3450kVAr
Rated Grid Voltage480V550V630V690V
Operating Voltage Range432V~528V495V~605V567V~693V621V~759V
Rated Grid Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Operating Frequency Range±3Hz
Power Factor1 (inductive)~1   (capacitive)
Switching T Charge/Discharge80ms
Rated Output Voltage480V550V630V690V
Voltage Deviation±1%
Voltage Unbalance2%, Short time<4%
HDU3% (Without load or   resistive load)
Rated Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Voltage Transient Range10%
Over-voltage ValueOptional
Under-voltage ValueOptional
   System  ParametersMax. Efficiency99.00%99.01%
Protection ClassIP55
Cooling MethodSmart air cooling
Insulation Resistance>1MΩ
Operating Temperature Range -40℃~+60℃ 
Relative Humidity0%~100%
HMI InterfaceTouch Screen
Protocolmodbus TCP/RTU
Mechanical ParametersDimensions (W*H*D)1710*1781*2454mm