MV Transformer Station
Hopewind MV transformer station integrates LV panel, step-up transformer, RMU and other auxiliaries to a 20-foot HC container, convert LV AC power to MV AC power and inject to grid system. The integrated and cost effective solution is ideal for easy transportation and quick installation.
Performance characteristics
• Easy transportation with standard container design
• High efficiency transformer & Lower self-consumption for higher yields
Integrated and Convenient
• Prefabricated and Pre-tested
• Plug-and-play installation, no Internal cabling needed onsite
Safety & Reliability
• Type-tested components of reliable quality
• The highest IP level in the market and C4 anti-corrosion, adaptable to harsh environments
Easy O&M
• LV panel, transformer and RMU real-time monitoring and remote control, without walk-in operation
• Integrated modular design esay for maintenance
main parameters
Available invertersHSHV385K
No. of inverters91824
AC power @40℃3465kVA6930kVA9240kVA
LV switchesMCCB (400A / 800Vac / 3P, 9pcs)MCCB (400A / 800Vac / 3P, 18pcs)MCCB (400A / 800Vac / 3P, 24pcs)
ACB (4000A / 800Vac / 3P, 1pc)ACB (4000A / 800Vac / 3P, 2pcs)ACB (4000A / 800Vac / 3P, 2pcs)
Rated input voltage800V
Rated output voltage10kV–35kV
Rated frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Transformer typeOil-immersed, fully sealed, Dy11Oil-immersed, fully sealed, Dy11y11
Transformer tapping±2×2.5%
Transformer oil typeMineral oil (PCB free)
Transformer cooling typeONAN
Transformer Min. Peak Efficiency99% / Tier1 / Tier2 (optional)
RMU typeSF6 gas insulated, DCV or CCV
Impedance (HV-LV1, LV2)6.50%8%9.50%
Auxiliary transformerDry type, 5kVA, 800V / 400V, Dyn11, level H (Customizable)
UPS1kVA, 30min (Customizable)
Transformer monitoring and protectionOil Level, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure and Buchholz relay
Rated short-circuit breaking current20kA / 3s (Optional: 25kA/1s)
MV relay protection50 / 51, 50N / 51N
LV Overvoltage protectionType I+II
Protection degreeIP54 for whole box transformer
IP68 for transformer body
Anti-corrosion degreeC4
Dimension6058×2896×2438mm, standard 20-foot HC container
Temperature range-25℃–60℃
Relative humidity0%–95%
Max. Operating altitude2,000 m
Communication protocolModbus-RTU / Modbus-TCP / IEC104
Applicable StandardsIEC 62271-200/202, EN 50588-1, IEC 60076, IEC 61439-1