C&I Largest Power Inverter
The most powerful C&I string inverter is perfectly compatible with 182/210 modules and supports full-load operation at 45°C. It not only has IP66 protection and C5 corrosion resistance but also supports AFCI DC arc protection, smart fan reverse dust removal, 1V1 temperature sensing detection and other functions, making the product operation safer and more reliable. It is suitable for large industrial and commercial roofs or village-level power stations, and can be installed manually without the assistance of lifting machinery.
Performance characteristics
Safe and Reliable
• IP66 ingress protection, a strong environmental adaptability
• Built-in AC/DC SPD for comprehensive lightning protection
• Equipped with intelligent DC disconnection and AFCI functions for higher safety
• Featuring temperature detection for both AC and DC terminals, enhance safety and reliability
Economical and Eco-friendly
• Supports 4G and PLC communication, ensures low construction costs
• Supports up to 400 m2 of aluminum wire connections, reduces cable costs
• Higher capacity ratio, redues LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity)
Smart and User-friendly
• High-precision intelligent string detection, smart IV curve scanning, and accurate fault identification
• Equipped with HVRT/LVRT function, strong adaptability to weak grid with SCR technology
• Supports nighttime SVG function, enhances grid compatibility and friendliness
Efficient Power Generation
• 6 MPPTs is adaptable to complex environments, maximizes power generation
• MPPT current of 65 A, fully compatible with 180/210 modules
• Support full-load operation at 45 ℃, minimizes power generation losses
• Integrated PID recovery function, enhances system power generation
main parameters
DC Input
Max. Input Voltage1100 V
Starting Voltage200 V
MPPT Voltage Range200 — 1000 V
MPPT Range Full Load550 — 850 V
Max. Input Current Per MPPT65 A
Max. Short-circuit Current Per MPPT97.5 A
Max. Number of DC Input4 × 6
Number of MPPTs6
AC Output
Rated Output Power150 kW
Max. Output Apparent Power165 kVA
Rated Output Voltage400 V (3P + PE)
Rated Voltage Range300 — 480 V
Rated Output Current217 A
Max. Output Current238 A
Rated Frequency / Frequency Adaptation Range50 Hz / 60 Hz, 45 — 55 Hz / 55 — 65 Hz
Power Factor0.8 (leading) to 0.8 (lagging)
Harmonic (THD)< 3%
Max. Efficiency98.80%
European Efficiency98.10%
Surge ProtectionDC type II / AC type II
Insulation Impedance DetectionYes
Residual Leakage Current DetectionYes
PV String Fault DetectionYes
PV Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Anti-islanding ProtectionYes
Zero Export FunctionYes
Output Overcurrent ProtectionYes
Output Short-circuit ProtectionYes
DC SwitchYes
IV Curve ScanningYes
General Parameters
Dimensions (W × H × D)1172 × 805 × 350 mm
Weight≤ 110 kg
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Operating Temperature-40 — +60 ℃ (> 45 ℃derating)
Cooling SystemSmart air cooling
Storage Temperature-40 — +70 ℃
Humidity0 — 100%, (non-condensation)
Operating Altitude4000 m
DisplayLED indicator + APP
CommunicationRS485 / PLC / Wi-Fi / 4G
DC Connection TypeMC4 (plug-in terminals)
AC Connection TypeOT / DT terminals (up to 400 mm2)