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Meet in Ukraine | Hopewind debuted at the 2019 Ukraine International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition


      On April 17, local time, the 2019 Ukraine International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition opened in Kiev. The exhibition is one of the most important local solar energy exhibitions in Ukraine, as well as an indispensable important exhibition for the solar energy industry and the entire new energy industry. In this exhibition, Hopewind brought the series of string inverter exhibits to the exhibition, demonstrating the charm of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China".



      The Hopewind booth attracted a lot of attention on the first day of the exhibition. The on-site staff patiently explained Hopewind products to the audience, and the most eye-catching was the main exhibit of Hopewind at this exhibition - 80K power station products . The 80K power station type products have a maximum DC input voltage of 1100V and support 1100V photovoltaic systems. They also have the performance characteristics of multi-channel MPPT, high power generation, and high-precision intelligent component detection, attracting many exhibitors to stop and visit.


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