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Hopewind Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement With IS Brasil For 2022

    Based on the goal of "Carbon Neutrality", the principle of strong alliances and mutual benefit, Hopewind signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IS Brasil, a well-known Brazilian new energy company, and reached a partnership. On December 15, the two parties held an online signing ceremony for the 2022 photovoltaic 100MW strategic cooperation framework agreement. It is planned to carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges in the photovoltaic market of Minas Gerais to jointly promote the development of local photovoltaic energy.

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    Located in southeastern Brazil, Minas Gerais is the second most populous state in Brazil, and its GDP also ranks third in the country. With the Brazilian government’s policy on renewable resources, the installed capacity of photovoltaics has increased rapidly. Under the guidance of government policies and abundant solar resources, Minas Gerais has developed a high-quality photovoltaic industry and has become the federal government unit with the largest number of large-scale projects and distributed micro-power generation projects. As the huge local solar energy resources have not yet been developed, the market potential is still huge.

    IS Brasil, a very forward-looking new energy solution company, started its fate with Hopewind in 2021 and participated in the EXPO GD in November 2021. At the same time, Hopewind was invited to interview by SolarTV, the number of views on the interviewed videos exceeded 6,000, which enabled Hopewind to obtain a large number of exposures in Brazil and achieved unprecedented results. Hopewind will also give full play to the advantages and develop a complete solution for the local market in terms of product technology for the local market. A complete small and medium-power string-type and high-power centralized photovoltaic power generation system. Provide high-stability and high-reliability inverter equipment for local people from residential use to large-scale power station applications, and provide high-quality professional and efficient services.

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    As two new energy companies, Hopewind and IS Brasil have reached a high degree of agreement on the future development and strategic direction of Brazil's new energy, and jointly promote the global development of renewable energy and allow the world to mutually share clean energy. Not only will there be cooperation on the 2022 photovoltaic framework agreement, but also more far-reaching common development. It has been determined that EXPO GD 2022 will work together again to create greater glories. The cooperation model will gradually deepen and the products showroom, after-sales center and training center will be established together. More possibilities for cooperation, let’s look forward to it.

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