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InterSolar South America past, EXPO GD is coming

From 18th - 20th October, local time, Intersolar South America was successfully held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Of course, Hopewind participated in this exhibition.

In the past three days, our staff introduced Hopewind and our products through videos display, manual distribution and face-to-face explanations, etc., and welcomed every visitor with full enthusiasm. On this highly influential professional photovoltaic exhibition platform, we showed the public our company's full range of high-performance inverter products, which are very popular in South America.

This exhibition attracted many distributors to visit, and we harvested many fruits. Our goal is to promote the Hopewind brand to Brazil and even the entire South America, so that more distributors and partners will know Hopewind, to purchase and use our products.


We are going to participate in the EXPO GD Fair with our partners IS Brazil and Yingli Solar in Brazil on 10th -11th November. At that time, our company will give a short speech at the fair to introduce the characteristics of Hopewind and the monitoring system. Welcome to participate and get our carefully prepared small gifts.


South America, where Brazil is located, has a huge potential photovoltaic market and is a region that Hopewind attaches great importance to. We will continue to improve our products to match the local market, develop for distributors and partners, provide high-quality local services, meet customer needs, and work hard for the wonderful southern hemisphere.

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