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Hopewind exhibited leading C&I and Utility PV solutions at Green Energy Expo 2023

April 2023, Hopewind, a global leading provider of green energy solutions exhibited its diversified and scenario-based C&I PV solutions at Green energy Expo 2023, aiming to energize the country’s transformation to green power supply with its cost-effective products while contributing to the stabilization of its grid quality.



Hopewind primly introduced its flagship model lineup targeting the C&I market which are 60kW and 110kW inverters. These PV solutions feature up to 20A PV input current, making them perfectly compatible with all types of PV modules, including the 210mm and bifacial models, thus maximizing system yields while saving customers the concern over compatibility. To simplify system commissioning, LAN access to the Hopecloud app is made available through Hopewind’s monitoring solutions, which can complete the system commissioning even when the mobile device network fails, saving trouble for installers. Catering to Korea's booming C&I sector, Hopewind's C&I solution is powerful, easy to be installed and commissioned.

Apart from the flagship C&I solutions, Hopewind also unveiled its cutting-edge 350kW high power inverter designed specially for large utility-scale power plants at the exhibition. Featuring a max efficiency of 99.01% with 8 MPP trackers equipped, it is set to maximize the system yield and lower the LCOE for the owners. It supports PLC communication that transmit data over the existing power line, and does not require additional communications cable, which reduces the construction and maintenance costs and improves communication reliability and efficiency. What is more, it also support night SVG that provides reactive power outside feed-in operation, preventing instabilities in the utility grid.


"We have achieved more than 100GW of cumulative installation in the renewable energy field.  Our highly reliable PV solutions can not only operate under harsh environments but also contribute to the stabilization of grid quality, that is what we want to focus on in the Korea PV market,”said Jaeheon Kim, Country manager of Korea at Hopewind.“In the future, we also plan to build an efficient field after service system while establishing strategic partnerships with distribution partners and EPC companies. Together, we shall drive forward the greener future of Korea,"he concluded.


About Hopewind

Established in 2007 and listed in 2017, Hopewind is recognized as a global leading provider of green energy solutions, specializing in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drive. Hopewind is recognized as the world's leading Wind Power Converter provider, as well as one of the Top 10 PV inverter brands in China. By the end of 2022, its cumulative shipments of renewable energy products have exceeded 100GW.