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Hopewind helped Mexico Progreso Wind Farm in Yucatan Peninsula pass the LVRT test

        Recently, upon receiving a notice from the Mexican Power Grid, Hopewind assisted the Progreso Wind Farm in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to successfully pass the LVRT test. There are a total of 28 2.5MW double-fed fan units on the project site, all of which use Hopewind's 2.5MW double-fed water-cooled converter.

        In October 2018, the site began power transmission and commissioning. The local power grid required all units on the site to complete grid-connected operation within a week. To ensure the smooth progress of the work, Hopewind R&D personnel are on duty 24 hours, and the on-site engineers are even more careful to ensure that Work efficiently while debugging quality, and finally completed the debugging tasks of 28 units ahead of schedule, and all tests passed smoothly at one time. After the commissioning was completed, Hopewind converter passed the owner's 110 trouble-free operation assessment with zero failure rate after 15 days.




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