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Hopewind successfully passed the Grid performance adaptation improvement of the Shaanxi PV inverter

On December 13, under the joint efforts of the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Research Institute, Jieyuan Photovoltaics, Hopewind, RuiYing Technology and TDLECT, Jieyuan Company of Dingbian County, Shaanxi Province announced that the well solar power station has completed the grid performance adaptation improvement. The one-time successful pass of this test marks that Hopewind has become the first supplier to pass the Shaanxi-Wuhan DC PV inverter grid performance adaptation improvement.



The 800± kV UHVDC transmission project from northern Shaanxi to Wuhan is a key project of China's "13th Five-Year Plan" power plan. The project starts from Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, and ends in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, passing through Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan and Hubei Provinces, with a total length of 1137 kilometers and a rated transmission capacity of 8 million kilowatts.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the Shaanxi-Wuhan UHVDC Project, the Shaanxi Power Grid and various new energy stations, and avoid large-scale new energy off-grid accidents that may be caused by DC failures. A number of higher-level units have studied and compiled the "Shaanxi Power Grid New Energy Field Station involved in power grid Performance Optimization and Improvement Work Plan (Trial)", which provides process guidance, technical requirements and assessment standards for the optimization, testing and certification of the involved in power grid performance of Shaanxi New Energy Field Stations. Improve the DC transmission capacity in the near area of the DC transmission terminal and the AC grid transmission capacity from northern Shaanxi to Wuhan to meet the large-scale power transmission of northern Shaanxi and the demand for electricity consumption in the central Shaanxi plain.


Jieyuan Company of Dingbian County, Shaanxi Province, announced that the well photovoltaic power station adopted 30 1MW distributed inverters of Hopewind at the beginning of construction, and in 2018, it has achieved grid-connected power generation, and the station has been running stably so far. In response to the improvement of the involved in power grid performance of the new energy station of Shaanxi Power Grid, Hopewind actively communicated with the power station about the feasibility of the transformation plan, and sent staff to enter the transformation in mid-November. Faced with the challenges of tight project construction time, heavy tasks, and rainy and snowy weather in cold winter, Hopewind staff rose to the challenge, overcame a series of difficulties, completed the optimization and transformation work in less than a month, and passed the on-site sampling test on December 13.

The test is carried out in accordance with the latest involved in power grid indicators of Shaanxi Power Grid, and the test process includes low voltage ride-through capability test, high-voltage ride-through capability test, high-low voltage continuous ride-through performance test, no-load test and frequency adaptability test, Among them, the continuous crossing of high and low voltages is the most difficult, and the relevant tests of Hopewind have successfully passed at one time, which fully demonstrates the technical strength of Hopewind and the performance advantages of inverter equipment.


Hopewind has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of new energy and electric drive products, in terms of photovoltaic power generation, products include centralized/distributed high-power photovoltaic power generation systems and small and medium-power group string photovoltaic power generation systems, covering 3kW-3125kW power levels. Has a complete high-power power electronic device and monitoring system of independent development test platform. Through technology and service innovation, the company continues to create value for customers, and has now become one of the most competitive electrical enterprises in the field of new energy in China.

Jieyuan Company of Dingbian County, Shaanxi Province announced that the well photovoltaic power station took the lead in completing the involved in power grid performance improvement test of the photovoltaic new energy field station of the Shaanxi power grid, which was helped by Hopewind. This effectively increases the proportion of photovoltaic power generation units in the DC/AC transmission system, makes a good reference and demonstration for the subsequent optimization and transformation of photovoltaic power plants, and also provides safe and stable support for the 800± kV UHVDC transmission project from northern Shaanxi to Wuhan.

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