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Hopewind’s 2022 annual sustainability report reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development

Hopewind, a global leader in green energy solutions, has recently released its annual sustainability report for 2022. The report serves as a testament to Hopewind's unwavering commitment to sustainable development, responsible governance, and environmental management.


Prepared in accordance with stringent environmental guidelines, social responsibility principles, and corporate governance information disclosure standards, the report adheres to the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. It provides a comprehensive overview of Hopewind's ESG efforts throughout the reporting period, spanning from January 1 to December 31, 2022.


Within the report, Hopewind underscores its dedication to corporate social responsibility, emphasizing the creation of economic value while simultaneously giving back to society and stakeholders. The company places a strong emphasis on employee welfare, talent development, and poverty alleviation initiatives, working toward shared growth and mutually beneficial outcomes.



Key highlights from the report include:


  •  Global shipment of over 100GW of renewable energy products by Hopewind.

  •  Purchase of 40,000 kWh of green electricity for the production, assembly, and processing of its products, resulting in a reduction of approximately 27,964 kg of CO2, 18.8 kg of SO2, and 17.2 kg of NOx emissions.

  •  Establishment of comprehensive, rigorous, and standardized supplier certification standards that incorporate the environmental, social, and governance performance of potential partners into the supplier qualification process. Local procurement expenditure accounts for over 50% of total procurement.

  •  Collaboration with renowned universities to provide essential support for the growth of young talents.

  • Active support for national poverty alleviation campaigns and contributions to the advancement of rural revitalization efforts.

Hopewind actively encourages stakeholders to provide feedback and suggestions to enhance its sustainability efforts. The report is available in both Chinese and English on the official website of Shenzhen Hopewind Electric Corporation Limited, as well as the Shanghai Stock Exchange website.


Sara Wang, Vice President at Hopewind, reiterates the company's unwavering commitment to its vision of becoming an international electric conversion and control solution provider. She emphasizes Hopewind's tireless efforts to promote technological progress in the industry and create a better, more sustainable life for everyone as countries worldwide strive toward carbon neutrality.