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Hopewind Leads the Electrical Revolution with Grid-Forming Technology

As a distinguished leader in electrical solutions, Hopewind excels in technical innovation, constantly injecting new momentum into the progress of a more reliable and stable renewable energy ecosystem. The introduction of grid-forming technology is a core component of Hopewind's pioneering efforts.


What is Grid-Forming Technology?


Grid-Forming is a revolutionary technology designed to ensure the stable and reliable operation of power grids, especially in the context of renewable energy integration and decentralized networks. Rather than traditional Grid-following systems, Grid-Forming Technology actively regulates the grid's frequency and voltage, ensuring grid stability even during power outages or when disconnected from the central grid. It employs sophisticated control algorithms, power-electronic converters, energy storage systems, and communication networks to seamlessly manage the grid's conditions and integrate renewable energy sources. This pioneering system enhances grid resilience, offers black start capabilities, and guarantees a continuous and dependable power supply.


Hopewind's Achievements in Grid-Forming Technology


As a trailblazer in grid-forming technology, Hopewind participated in the scientific research project Wingrid, supported by the EU Horizon 2020 program through the DNV Netherlands Laboratory. In 2023, Hopewind's wind power converter received the world's first grid-forming certification issued by DNV. Later in November, the world's first grid-forming wind farm using Hopewind converters was operated in Gansu, China.


Expanding into Solar Power


Hopewind's commitment to innovation extends beyond wind power; its grid-forming technology is also integrated into its cutting-edge 385kW string PV inverter. This inverter, the world's most powerful in its class, offers critical capabilities for utility-scale solar projects. Its black start function, active voltage/frequency regulation, and seamless grid interconnection improve overall grid resilience and enable higher renewable energy penetration. The inverter's reactive power control and transient stability features further enhance grid stability, making it an optimal choice for large-scale solar installations. Additionally, the inverter can operate under high ambient temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius without derating. It utilizes SiC-based components for improved temperature adaptability, switching speed, and voltage ratings.


Recognizing the exceptional performance of this innovative product, Hopewind's 385kW grid-forming PV inverter has been nominated for the prestigious Smart E Award 2024, which will be revealed during the upcoming Intersolar Europe 2024 exhibition.

Visitors to Hopewind's booth B4, 478 will have the opportunity to witness this state-of-the-art grid-forming technology firsthand.


About Hopewind

Founded in 2007, Hopewind is a leading global provider of renewable energy solutions. Their portfolio includes solar power, wind power, energy storage systems, SVG, industrial drives, and green hydrogen generation. So far, the company has delivered more than 150 GW of renewable energy products worldwide. This achievement has not gone unnoticed. This year, the company was chosen as a finalist for THE Smarter E Award 2024 and was recognized as a Tier 1 Inverter maker by BloombergNEF.


To support its rapidly expanding market reach, Hopewind has established a strong support team in the EMEA region. This team provides timely, localized and efficient services to local customers. In addition, the company is working with accredited third-party service providers to extend its service reach to more regions.