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Hopewind and Fortis Energy signed MOU to accelerate clean energy adoption in the Balkans Region

In April 2024, Hopewind, a leading renewable energy solutions provider, signed an MOU with Fortis Energy at SolarEX Istanbul, signifying a major step in advancing renewable energy initiatives in the Balkans. With Fortis Energy's substantial pipeline of 1.8 GW wind and solar and energy storage projects as well as its robust EPC capabilities, this partnership holds great promise for accelerating the deployment of clean energy in the region.


By combining Hopewind's advanced expertise in electronics with Fortis Energy's extensive local industry experience, this collaboration aims to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape in the Balkans and beyond. Together, the two companies are determined to accelerate the adoption of clean energy with leading PV solutions, fostering a sustainable and greener future for all.


Sara Wang, vice president at Hopewind expressed her excitement about the partnership, "We are thrilled to have Fortis Energy on board to our powerful partner networks in the region. This collaboration represents a significant step towards achieving our shared vision of a more sustainable world. By leveraging our complementary strengths, we are confident in our ability to bring our clean energy solutions to many more households and business owners in the Balkans region."


Mehmet Burak Üçkardeş, CEO of Fortis Energy, echoed Sara's sentiments and emphasized the potential of this partnership. "Combining Hopewind's innovative solutions with our expansive sales networks and local market knowledge will position us at the forefront of the renewable energy market. Together, we will create a powerful force that will reshape the industry and shape a brighter future," said Mr Üçkardeş.

About Hopewind

Hopewind was established in 2007 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. The company specializes in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drives.

As a leading brand of comprehensive renewable energy solutions, Hopewind participated in the scientific research project Wingrid supported by the EU Horizon 2020 through the DNV Netherlands Laboratory. In 2023, Hopewind’s wind power converter received the world's first grid-type certificate issued by DNV.

Hopewind is also highly regarded as a Tier One Manufacturer of Inverter Shipments for Utility in China, and since February of 2024, the company’s 385kW string inverter has been recognized as the world’s No.1 powerful string inverter. With a remarkable track record, the company has shipped over 150GW of renewable energy products worldwide by the end of 2023. 

About Fortis Energy

Fortis Energy is a leading renewable energy company operating in the Netherlands, the Balkans, and Turkey. With a focus on solar, wind, and other clean energy sources, they generate sustainable power and provide EV charging solutions. 

Fortis Energy stands out with its renewable and clean energy investments.  The total installed capacity of Fortis Energy's power plants, focusing on solar, wind, biogas, geothermal, and green hydrogen investments, is currently 200 MW, with a targeted total installed capacity of 1800 MW within 5 years. Fortis Energy generates over 430 million kWh of energy annually in its power plants and also executes EPC model projects. Fortis Energy develops operation, maintenance, and automation solutions for renewable energy plants.