HV500 Series High-performance Frequency Converter
Performance characteristics
Back-end quick debugging software
Powerful and easy to use, with functions such as parameter setting, real-time oscilloscope, fault recording, event recording, etc.
Excellent performance
Suspending at zero speed;
Torque response 1-3ms;
Extremely low dynamic speed drop and dynamic speed drop equivalent;
Excellent robustness;
Accurate off-line/online motor model identification.
Various needs satisfied
Standard LCD panel to improve user experience;
Master-slave control function;
Expandable communication card, encoding disk card, voltage detection card.
Ease of use
External 24V DC input power supported;
A Built-in brake unit is possible to save installation control;
Book style design to support seamless side-by-side installation.
Several international standard certifications passed, conforming to RoHS directives;
V/F, OLVC and CLVC control supported;
Several communication protocols supported;
Asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors supported.
Mechanical vibration level 3M3;
Independent air duct design;
Conformal coating automatic spraying;
Built-in dynamic junction temperature model to facilitate product safety application.
main parameters
ModelHV500 Series High-performance Frequency Converter
Input Uin200V (-15%) ~240V (+10%) 3Phase , 380V (-15%) ~480V (+10%)   3Phase,  500V (-15%) ~690V (+10%) 3Phase
Input Frequency50Hz / 60Hz±5%
Unbalance Degree of Uin≤3%
Output Uout0V~Input Uin
Output Frequency0Hz~500Hz
Control PerformanceMotor TypeAsynchronous / Synchronous 
Control MethodV/F, OLVC (Open-Loop Vector Control), CLVC (Close-Loop Vector  Control)
Range of Speed Regulation1:10  V/F, 1:100  OLVC, 1:1000  CLVC
Start TorqueVF:   100% (0.5Hz), OLVC: 150% (0.5Hz), CLVC: 180% (0Hz)
Torque Precision≤5%, Vector Control
Torque Pulsation≤5%, Vector Control
Speed Regulation PrecisionOLVC 0.2%, CLVC 0.01%
Torque Response <5ms, Vector Control
Dynamic Speed ReductionOLVC<0.5%*s, CLVC<0.3%*s
Acceleration and Deceleration Time0.0s~3200.0s, 0.0min~3200.0min
Torque Lifting0.0%~30.0%
OverloadHeavy Load Application 150% 1min/5min, Light Load Application 110% 1min/5min
V/F CurveMultiple ways: linear V/F curve, 5 kinds of torque reduction   characteristic curve mode (2.0 power, 1.8 power, 1.6 power, 1.4 power, 1.2 power), user-defined VF curve
Input Frequency Accuracy Digital: 0.01Hz, Analog: 0.01Hz
Control PerformanceAcceleration and Deceleration CurveStraight, S Curve
Multiple Speed-Steps Operation 16-Speed Steps Operation through control terminals
Automatic VoltageAdjustment (AVR)Keeping the output voltage constant automatically when the grid voltage changes within a certain range
Fixed LengthSetted and Fixed Length Control 
In-build PIDIt Can Easily Constructed Closed loop control system
Enhencement FunctionFree Function Block
iInput/output PowerSet Frequency Keyboaed, UP/DOWN Terminals, Multiple Speed-Steps Operation, Terminals Pulsation, Com
Analog Input TerminalsAI1:   0V~10V/-10V~10V, AI2: 0V~10V/0(4) mA~20mA
Digital Input TerminalsDI1-DI6, 6 programmable digital input terminals, optocoupler isolation, compatible with drain/source input
Digital Input/Output TerminalsDIO1: Fast pulse output, normal input/output; DIO2: fast pulse input, normal input/output
Anolog Output Terminals2 Strings  0V~10V/0 (4)   mA~20mA
Relay Output2Strings Contact Type FormC
Motor Temperature DetectionSupport PT100/PT1000/KTY84
STO Interface SIL3/PLe Safe torque shutdown function
ComCom ProtocolModbus RTU (Standard),  Pro ibus, CANopen, pro inet, Devicenet, Ethercat
EnvironmentAltitudeWithout Derating Operation Within 2000m Altitude; 2000m~4000m,  Each 100m lifting, Derating 1% (Current)
Operation Temperature-25~+40 (40~55 Derating)
Humidity15%~95%,  Without Condensation
Vibration3M3,  IEC60721-3-3
Storage Temperature-40~+70
Operation PlaceIndoor, Without direct sunlight, no flammable, corrosive gases, liquids and conductive particles 
AccessoryEncoding card, communication expansion card, voltage detection card
Protection FunctionShort circuit, over current, overload, over voltage, under   voltage, phase loss, over temperature, external fault, etc.
Efficiency5.5kW~22kW: ≥93%; Above 30kW: ≥95%
Installation MethodCabinet
Protection DegreeIP20
CoolingForced Air Cooling