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Hopewind SVG Reached Two New Achievements

  The results of the 2021 China Electric Power Top Ten Brand Series selection were officially announced a few days ago. Hopewind SVG won two awards: "Top Ten Innovative Power Quality Brands" and "Top Ten Most Popular Power Quality Brands", successfully reached two new achievements again.

  The selection of the "Top Ten Brands of China Power Electricity" is an activity jointly launched by Electric Tiger network in conjunction with a number of authoritative media and industry associations. It has a huge influence and high recognition in the industry. The selection officially started on February 18, 2021. After registration, review, voting, scoring and other stages, the ten outstanding brands were finally selected.


  Since its establishment, Hopewind SVG has paid great attention to R&D and innovation, pursued the ultimate experience in technology, performance and service, and is committed to creating higher value for customers. We have not only gained a good reputation from users, but also recognized by relevant authorities. In 2020, Hopewind SVG passed the special test of the fault voltage ride-through capability of the National Wind Power Technology and Testing Research Center, becoming the world's first brand manufacturer to pass this test. In March 2021, Hopewind new generation 4.0 HSVG that passed the high and low voltage ride-through test of the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences was successfully applied at a site in Butuo County, Liangshan Prefecture at an altitude of 4,000 meters. So far, it has been running without problems for a long time.


  As we all know, the on-site environment of SVG application is complex, such as high and low temperature, wind and snow, Salt, fog and dust particles, high and low pressure, harmonics, sub-synchronous oscillations, etc. The complex and changeable environment can easily lead to abnormalities and instability of SVG. Hopewind SVG is a leader in the industry in terms of stable performance, because it has good grid and environmental adaptability, can effectively suppress voltage fluctuations and three-phase imbalance, and compensate for power factor, thereby improving power quality. At the same time, the product also has the advantages of outstanding fault voltage ride-through capability, high power density, small size, low loss and stable operation. It has been widely used all over the world.


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