SVG CASE - Renovation Project

Wind Farm Renovation Projects in Different Places in Jilin Province

Time: December 2021

Location: Baicheng City, Jilin Province

This project involves the renovation of six SVGs in four sites. To ensure the reliability of the whole SVG and avoid the risk of the whole SVG shutdown caused by the failure of a single power valve group, Hopewind’s renovation scheme for SVG is to set at least one redundant unit in N power valve groups, so that when at least one power valve group fails, the whole equipment can at least meet the actual application requirements of “N-1” power valve groups on site. In addition, by adding an SVG automatic bypass switch, the automatic bypass function of failed power valve groups can be realized without shutdown, and a bypass switch is connected in parallel to the AC side of each power valve group, so that online automatic switching can be realized after failure, which can greatly improve product reliability.