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Songs of Light and Electricity - Hope shines at the 2019 Vietnam International Solar Show


On April 3-4, the highly anticipated 2019 Vietnam International Solar Energy Exhibition was grandly held in Ho Chi Minh City. At this exhibition, more than 200 exhibitors and more than 5,000 professional visitors from different countries and regions came to the exhibition.


        At the exhibition site, Hewang made a stunning appearance with 80K power station products and 30K commercial products. Among them, the 30K commercial products on display have the performance characteristics of multi-channel MPPT, high power generation, high-precision intelligent component detection, etc., not only built-in AC and DC lightning protection modules, all-round lightning protection, but also have PLC power carrier communication functions. No RS485 communication cable is required, and the inverter can be accessed directly through the mobile phone APP. The efficient and outstanding performance features attract many people in the industry to visit and consult.


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