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Hopewind participated in Fórum GD - Sudeste Forum in SP Brazil

   On March 11, 2022, the 3-day Fórum GD - Sudeste Forum ended successfully in Sao Paulo, Brazil! Organized by FRG Mídias & Eventos Group and promoted by ABGD (Brazil Distributed Generation Association), this conference focused on the development of distributed photovoltaic industry in the southeastern region of Brazil.

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   The conference not only attracted a large number of local and overseas solar energy companies and industry media to participate, but also invited important officials from the Sao Paulo government and Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo provinces to attend. Government officials, industry leaders, well-known companies and other guests gathered together to share a grand event on the Brazilian photovoltaic industry.


   Hopewind was invited to participate in this forum and gave a speech on Hopewind's distributed photovoltaic scenario solutions. Combined with the current development of solar energy and the current situation of distributed photovoltaics in the southeastern region of Brazil, Hopewind introduced high-efficiency inverters and localized distributed photovoltaic solutions to the market. Among them, the high-current string inverter has good market feedback.

   Brazil's new energy development has great potential and broad prospects, but it is also accompanied by a series of challenges. Against this background, Hopewind has always adhered to the market customer demands, taken industry technological innovation as the core, and high-quality service as the guarantee, constantly improving its own products and services, taking root in the Brazilian renewable energy market, taking the road of localization, and serving the entire South American market.

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