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Green mountains and clear water are equal to mountains of gold and silver

       The Hopewind 250kW PV string inverter is one of the products leading the industry, the biggest advantage is the largest single machine power and the largest string power density. It uses 12-way MPPT, maximum efficiency is 99%, Chinese efficiency is 98.5%, has higher power generation and support high-precision intelligent string detection; The product has a built-in AC and DC lightning protection module, all-round lightning protection and adopts a non-fuse design and has an IP66 protection level; There is a uniquely designed smart fan for heat dissipation, low temperature rise and long life. This product is not only one of the leading products of Hopewind, also one of the industry's representative products, which receives the attention of the industry and customers.


      Make the barren mountain to “solar mountain”, the new combination of photovoltaic power generation and forestry planting lights up the local economic road to prosperity, and lights up the hope of the local villagers. The new PV mode of forestry photovoltaic solution can not only develop high-efficiency environmental protection industries, but also allow villagers to benefit from green energy. It has been sought after by more and more places across the country. Hopewind has been committed to providing forestry photovoltaic solutions for many years and has a large number of successful project cases throughout the country.



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